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Promoting health through the life course

With colour-coded warnings, Indian city gets serious about dirty air

Ahmedabad, in the western state of Gujarat, has among the worst air pollution in India. But it is the first to install an air monitoring and warning system. The Air Information and Response (AIR) plan, launched in May, involves the creation of an air quality index that measures daily pollution levels in eight locations. Giant LED screens display five colour-coded alerts of the levels, and their related effects. An early warning system also alerts people to days when pollution is likely to reach the "very poor" or "severe" level

July 5, 2017

Women in slums face greater heat risk

A recent study by the Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar on women in various slum clusters in the city revealed their body temperatures rise sharply during peak summers. The rise is by three to four degrees, up to feverish levels. The most vulnerable groups included kite makers, rag pickers and street vendors who saw body temperatures rise by an average of 80%. More startling was women working indoors also had higher body temperatures, by a degree or two, compared to those outdoors. Constant exposure to heat and increases in mean body temperature is hazardous to a woman’s health and can lead to health issues

March 29, 2017
Times of India

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Zika hit India in January, Government kept silent

Almost six months after three cases of the deadly Zika virus were reported from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the World Health Organization has finally made the information public, the Indian health ministry is yet to comment on the issue and there are questions as to why was only one case acknowledged in an answer to parliament given by the government on March 17th when they were aware of at least three cases at that point

May 27, 2017
DNA India, Scroll , Reuters
May 28, 2017
Times of India

Over 500 cases of waterborne infections reported in Ahmedabad

Cases of waterborne infections reported in Ahmedabad have risen sharply to more than 500 in its weekly health report. There were 334 cases of vomiting and diarrhoea, 89 cases of jaundice and 90 cases of typhoid among the 514 cases reported. There have been 12 cases of cholera in civic-body run hospitals in Ahmedabad this year with one reported last week

April 18, 2017
Times of India

Communicable diseases

Waterborne diseases on the rise

Waterborne diseases appear to be on the rise in Ahmedabad. According to the weekly health report from AMC, five cases of cholera were reported in civic-run hospitals in the city. Last week, 287 cases of waterborne diseases were reported, of these, 186 cases of vomiting and diarrhoea, 39 of jaundice, 70 cases of typhoid and two cases of cholera. Two fresh cases of swine flu have also been reported

March 28, 2017
Times of India, Nyoooz