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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Áncash: confirman cinco casos de dengue en Nepeña

There are some 613 people affected by dengue in the Ancash region of Peru, with a further 647 suspected dengue cases during April still to be analysed and confirmed. Nearby La Libertad province is also seeing high numbers of dengue cases with 1,900 recorded

May 26, 2017
El Comercio
May 24, 2017
La Republica

Áncash: A 519 se elevan los casos de dengue

In the Peruvian coastal zone of Ancash the number of patients suffering from dengue fever rose by a further 67 cases to 519, according to regional health authorities with the numbers up to the end of last

May 17, 2017
Diario Correo, Diario Correo

Áncash: casos confirmados de dengue superan los 310 en El Santa

Health authorities in the Ancash region confirmed that cases of dengue now are up to 316 with a large number under suspicion. In the district of Chimbote there are 75 recorded cases and in Coishco there are 237 confirmed cases. The Piura region tops the list for infectious diseases in Peru, following on from the recent rains and coastal floods which produced ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes

May 7, 2017
AmericaTV, El Comercio, Andina, Diario Correo
May 5, 2017
El Comercio

Áncash: reportan 153 pacientes con dengue en El Santa

There are 153 patients with confirmed dengue in Ancash, in the El Santa province. There are also a further 691 with likely symptoms

April 24, 2017
El Comercio, Ancash al Dia, La Republica

Áncash: detectan 86 casos de dengue en provincia de El Santa

Ministry of Health authorities in the Ancash region of Peru have confirmed 86 cases of dengue in Coishco, 6 in Nuevo Chimbote and 1 in Chimbote. There are also around 50 further probable dengue cases in Nuevo Chimbote, while the district of Coishco has 708 possible cases of dengue

April 19, 2017
El Comercio
April 18, 2017
Diario Correo, RPP Noticias