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Promoting health through the life course

With climate change driving child marriage risks, Bangladesh fights back

Climate change-driven extreme weather is accelerating migration to Bangladesh`s cities, raising the risks of problems such as child marriage, according to UNICEF`s head of Bangladesh programmes. Innovative efforts to curb the threat - particularly training young people to help each other - are paying off, with Bangladesh`s government now incorporating programmes started by UNICEF and Save the Children

July 20, 2017

Kailash Satyarthi launches child rights campaign in Bangladesh

Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi launched his child rights campaign in Bangladesh aimed at mobilizing millions of children from affluent families to speak up for their underprivileged peers. He said 100 million children were exposed to trafficking, slavery and other forms of violence while another 100 million youths want to change the world. Satyarthi said he describes his campaign as the globalization of compassion

April 2, 2017
Indian Express

Forged documents trap Indian children, help traffickers evade justice

In a two-year study of criminal networks trafficking girls from Bangladesh to India, the charity Justice and Care found that school leaving certificates were the most forged documents used by traffickers to hide the ages of their victims. Corrupt doctors and village leaders are helping traffickers to obtain fake documents to pass these child victims off as adults and evade justice for crimes affecting thousands of young people

March 31, 2017

Bangladesh law allowing child brides may legitimize rape: charities

Child rights groups said a new Bangladeshi law that lets under-age girls marry their rapists for ‘the greater good of the adolescent’ may put more children at risk of sexual abuse. Legitimizing marriage for young rape victims in the name of ‘honour’ does nothing to protect their bodies or their rights, advocates said

March 1, 2017

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Chikungunya viral disease spreads fast in Dhaka

Bdnews24 has been told by the Bangladesh government’s disease monitoring arm (IEDCR) that chikungunya is spreading across Dhaka on the back of the sporadic rains. Bdnews24 was not told a number but was told the figure is far higher than official figures as they often do not get all the samples and some cases do not seek the necessary treatment or can be misdiagnosed

May 16, 2017

Health systems

Floodwater recedes, diseases spread

With floodwater receding in Sylhet and Moulvibazar, Bangladesh, waterborne diseases are spreading in the flood-hit areas as there is hardly any medical care for a large number of affected people. People there are suffering from waterborne diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhoea and skin infections. Many complained about not receiving any medical attention and relief aid

July 8, 2017
Daily Star

India’s dismal record in healthcare

New research by The Lancet shows India ranking at 154 out of 195 countries in terms of access to healthcare, which is worse than Nepal, Bangladesh, Ghana and Liberia. Live Mint takes three comparative charts and shows how relative prosperity in India in many places counts for little if the government significantly underinvests in its own healthcare system

May 24, 2017
Live Mint

Communicable diseases

Country facing major data gaps in monitoring SDGs

Bangladesh is facing a considerable data gap for monitoring Sustainable Development Goals as statistics on over two-thirds of the indicators are either partially available or not available at all, a new study has revealed. There are 241 indicators to monitor the 169 targets under the 17 SDGs. But data on only 70 indicators is readily available, 108 partially available and in 63 instances not available at all, the study said 

April 27, 2017
Dhaka Tribune