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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Dengue fever outbreak in three dzongkhags

With more than 100 cases reported since last month, the Bhutan health ministry issued a public notification of an outbreak of dengue fever in Phuentsholing, Samtse and Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhags. Between June and July 13, Phuentsholing hospital reported 33 dengue fever cases while Samtse hospital saw 46 and Samdrupjongkhar hospital, 42 cases. More than 50 percent of the reported cases in Samtse are in the Royal Bhutan Army colony

July 14, 2017

Non communicable diseases

Tackling NCDs in Bhutan requires a different kind of aid

The government of Bhutan is deeply concerned about the rising burden of non-communicable diseases in the country and it is pondering measures to curb excess alcohol consumption, to increase servings of fruit and vegetables and to cut down on salt consumption. In 2015, Bhutan reported NCDs were the top causes of mortality in Bhutan, with liver disease associated with alcohol consumption topping the list

March 14, 2017

Communicable diseases

Bhutan and Maldives eliminate measles - WHO

Bhutan and the Maldives have eliminated measles, becoming the first countries in their region to eliminate the highly infectious disease that is a major child killer globally, the World Health Organization said. The milestone was reached after no measles cases originating in the Maldives had been recorded since 2009 and none in Bhutan since 2012, the WHO said

June 13, 2017
Reuters, Yenisafak
June 14, 2017
China Post

Toilet volunteers help clean up Bhutan in public health push

The Bhutan Toilet Association aims to rid the country of the practice of open defecation. Bhutan families traditionally built toilets on the first floor of dwellings with a sty underneath so human waste could serve as fodder.  Modern toilets have become popular in cities and towns but with the majority of Bhutanese living in remote rural hamlets, poor sanitation remains an issue in large parts of the country. Reports of typhoid due to water contamination during the monsoon season are common. The BTA now has activists working to rid the country of this practice and plans to build toilet facilities along highways and upgrade existing facilities to make them more friendly to women and people with disabilities

April 28, 2017
Reuters, Asia One