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Health systems

Disorderly Brexit could put patients at risk, drug industry warns

The supply of life-saving medicines in Europe could be severely disrupted unless Britain successfully negotiates a smooth and orderly exit from the EU, pharmaceutical industry leaders warned. Europe`s pharmaceutical and bioscience industry is concerned about Brexit because it is currently well integrated across the bloc, with many EU-wide regulatory agreements and cross-border collaborations. In a letter to Brexit negotiators stressing the importance of securing ongoing co-operation on medicines after Britain leaves the EU, drug company representatives said a bad transition could put patients at risk

July 13, 2017

Number of EU nurses seeking work in Britain drops by 96 percent after Brexit

The number of European Union nurses registering to work in Britain has dropped by 96 percent since July last year, the country`s Health Foundation said, in what it described as a wake-up call to politicians. According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council data, a high of 1,304 EU nurses applied to work in Britain in July last year, shortly after Britain voted to leave the European Union. That number fell to 344 in September and in April this year it was down to 46, it said. "The overall shortage of 30,000 nurses is not a shortage caused by the Brexit vote. The chronic shortage of nurses is the result of years of short-term planning and cuts to training places. A sustainable, long-term approach to workforce planning is desperately needed"

June 13, 2017
Reuters, BBC
June 12, 2017
The Guardian

Health Care Faces Funding Strain if Britain Chooses Hard Brexit

The UK’s health budget could be severely squeezed by Brexit and higher recruitment costs if it can no longer attract workers from the continent, according to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Britain’s annual health spending would be lower by about £7.5bn by 2021 under a ‘hard Brexit’, that’s a scenario in which negotiations break down and the UK must depend on World Trade Organization rules starting in 2019, likely to lead to a dent in consumer confidence and the value of the pound

June 6, 2017

Drugs Watchdog in London Courted With Spanish Lessons, Childcare

Brexit has sparked a fight to lure the European Medicines Agency away from London with almost two dozen countries extending a list of perks to their pitch to host the EU regulator. Finding a new home for highly trained scientists and researchers who assess drugs and examine factories in Europe is critical for the global pharmaceutical industry and the likelihood of leaving London and uncertainty of a new location is prompting staff departures

May 19, 2017

Poll shows 60% of European doctors are considering leaving UK

The General Medical Council told MPs that a survey they ran found Brexit was a factor for the majority of doctors thinking of leaving the NHS

February 28, 2017
The Guardian

Communicable diseases

Why Europe should lead on fight against disease

Renate Baehr, executive director of the Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevolkerung, wrote an Op Ed for Politico Europe, in which she argued that ‘the rise of Donald Trump and Brexit have made European action on disease control more important than ever and that the Bloc needs to fill the U.S. power vacuum as it steadily withdraws’

February 23, 2017