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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Death toll rises to 489 in Nigeria meningitis outbreak

A Nigerian health official said Wednesday that a suspected 489 people have died during the latest meningitis outbreak to hit the country. At least five northern states have been affected by the epidemic over the last five months. As of now, there have been 4,637 suspected cases from which the fatalities came

April 12, 2017
Daily Sabah, ABC news

Battling meningitis - killer disease on the prowl, 438 dead

When the first outbreak of the deadly Cerebro Spinal Meningitis (CSM) in February, many thought nothing to it as such reports had been usual and that the disease would run its circle. The number of deaths in the past week, however, is so scary and more deaths are still being reported

April 9, 2017
Nigerian Tribune, NAIJ.COM

Cerebrospinal Meningitis: 328 deaths in 16 states

More than 2,254 people have been affected by the CSM  with 328 deaths recorded in ninety local government councils of 16 states of the federation. Of additional concern is the fact that the Polio virus has been detected in Gombe. And the health minister confirmed that out of the 131 samples laboratory tested a majority indicate this is a Neisseria Meningitides type C. The health minister added that other countries such as Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Togo are facing meningitis outbreaks at the moment as well

April 2, 2017
Guardian Nigeria

FG announces outbreak of a new disease in Nigeria

This strain, which is rare in Nigeria, is said to have entered the country from Niger. The outbreak of meningitis in Sokoto and Zamfra states requires a different type of vaccine, as it is a new strain and experts are working hard to contain it

March 19, 2017
March 17, 2017
Nigerian Bulletin

Health systems

Traditional ruler appeals to government for CSM vaccine

The head of the Kpaduma community has called on the Nigerian government to make cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine available in the community in order to avoid the spread of the disease. Malam Fajemi Jariyi made this plea in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja. He urged community members to visit health facilities for any ailment and to not rely on self-medication when they noticed any health challenges and to get their children immunized against polio

May 9, 2017
Tribune Online

Meningitis outbreak exposes the Federal Government's unpreparedness for epidemics

The Guardian Nigeria highlights the ongoing Cerebrospinal meningitis epidemic which has spread like wildfire in terms of cases and deaths across 17 states. It asks the pertinent question as to whether the government should have been better prepared to manage such an epidemic and not allowed it to cause this level of devastation

April 9, 2017
Guardian Nigeria
April 6, 2017
Punch Nigeria