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Donald Trump vs. Women’s Health

In the US delayed detection is one of the reasons that a disease like cervical cancer has one of the lowest survival rates in the developed world. This is due in some part to lack of healthcare insurance cover, where women seek help far too late. In addition, Trump is undermining the fight against cervical cancer by seeking to defund Planned Parenthood, which performs some 270,000 cervical screenings annually. Then there is the expanded global gag rule which slashes abortion advice and the cut-off of funds for the UN Population Fund, another major player in reducing cervical cancer deaths

May 20, 2017
New York Times

Vaccine credited with HPV virus reduction in Scotland

A campaign to vaccinate girls against a cancer-causing sexually transmitted infection has led to a dramatic drop in reported cases. Researchers found a 90% fall in levels of human papilloma virus in Scottish women since the vaccine was made available in 2008. HPV virus types are thought to account for about 90% of cervical cancers. Researchers found just 0.5% of the women from a group born in 1995 tested positive for the virus, but in comparison, in women born before 1990 the percentage was 21.4%

April 5, 2017
BBC News, The Herald Scotland

Non communicable diseases

New ethical lapses alleged in controversial India cervical cancer screening trial

A long-debated study aimed at validating a low-cost way to screen for cervical cancer in India has come under fire again, based on new evidence of ethical lapses contained in documents obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Critics of the 18-year trial said that U.S.-funded Indian researchers used ineffective screening that endangered thousands of poor women in Mumbai. They were told the test could help prevent cancer, but far fewer pre-cancerous lesions were found than expected, suggesting that some lesions were missed — possibly leading to an unknown number of deaths. The trial should have been stopped years earlier for another reason, critics said: Other research had already shown that the screening method worked when properly applied, making it unethical to use an unscreened control group

June 23, 2017

Communicable diseases

Doctor's call to 'equally protect' boys with HPV vaccine

A doctor is calling for boys to receive a vaccine currently only given to girls to protect against cancer. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) jab is offered to teenage girls in the UK to protect against cervical cancer. A health committee was expected to meet later to review whether boys should also get the jab, which can protect against throat and penile cancers. Dr Kirsty Bonney, from Devon, paid privately for her sons to be immunised. She made the decision after working on a chemotherapy unit, where she looked after two young men with HPV-related throat cancers

June 7, 2017

Bush steps back into the spotlight to help Africa fight epidemics

As the U.S. Congress headed for a bruising showdown over international aid budget funding later this month, former President George W. Bush flew to Africa to publicize a $6.8bn HIV Aids assistance programme that has done much to rehabilitate the continent’s future. The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or Pepfar, which he established in 2004, has saved millions of lives he argued and the investment is in the U.S.’s own national interest

April 8, 2017
New York Times
April 7, 2017
Washington Post
April 8, 2017
The Hill