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Pharmaceuticals regulator defends itself against quality breaches

The Kenyan state regulator of the multi-billion shillings pharmaceutical sector has defended itself against claims that it has allowed a local manufacturer of medicines to continue operation even without meeting quality standards. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board issued a statement saying it allowed Mac’s Pharmaceuticals to continue operation since all its essential drugs including painkillers, anti-malaria drugs and anti-bacterials are of good quality, safe and efficacious for consumption in line with required standards. The claims, circulated on media platforms, had suggested that Mac’s Pharmaceuticals was found to be in breach of Good Manufacturing Practices for medicines in July last year but PPB has not yet suspended its license despite being informed

June 28, 2017
Standard Media

Pharmacists warn about online buying of prescription drugs

Pharmacists have warned people not to risk buying prescription medicines online or from unauthorised sources. Community pharmacist and president of the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) Daragh Connolly said buying medicines online was “deadly dangerous”. “You don’t know what you are taking or what effect it might have on you,” he said

June 28, 2017
Irish Times

For many Haitians, street dispensaries are the only source of medicine

In Haiti, “Pharmacists are an endangered species,” explains Lionel Étienne, a local drug importer. “Medicine is considered an ordinary consumer good.” Street vendors are not pharmacists, and their wares are not regulated. This illegal, ubiquitous medical practice can have serious consequences for the health of many Haitians. "The majority of the population don`t have enough money to buy their medicine in pharmacy stores," he said. "Street sellers have generic medicines from China, expired pills, counterfeit drugs imported from the Dominican Republic. So basically, they are cheaper than the medicine you`re going to find in the pharmacies."

June 16, 2017
National Geographic

Expired and fake drugs seized in Bujumbura

The police discovered a large quantity of expired and fake drugs in the capital of Burundi on 8 June. The police seized the drugs from a private house on 3rd Avenue in Muramvya, Kinama. The drugs included suppositories, quinine and paracetamol amongst other things. The Health Ministry’s spokesman urges residents not to buy inappropriate drugs. “The health inspector will start an investigation to identify the suppliers and buyers of these drugs”, said a spokesperson

June 10, 2017
Iwacu Burundi, AllAfrica.com

Fake drugs kill more people than terrorism, study shows

Counterfeit medicines kill more than 100,000 people each year globally, a number greater than terrorism deaths, a survey by the Institute of Research against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) shows, speaking at a workshop on combating counterfeiting and piracy in Mombasa, IRACM director of studies Wilfrid Roge said the majority of unsuspecting consumers fall prey because “it is very difficult to recognise the fakes.” “Sh7.5 trillion is lost annually because of fake drugs with firms in Africa making fake vaccines and veterinary products,” he said. Roge, however, said his firm is investing in the training of customs officers in the region to enable them to conduct proper risk analysis and prosecute culprits as a way of cutting the supply chain

June 8, 2017
Mediamax Network

Chemists to go on all-India strike on May 30 against 'stringent rules'

On May 30th, chemists across India will go on a strike in protest against strict regulations on sale of medicines and their declining margins, the All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists said they have been forced to resort to strike after their representations to the government went unheeded, and that they object to e-pharmacies, which they say can lead to the circulation of counterfeit drugs

May 27, 2017
Times of India, India.com, News Bytes

Risiken von gefälschten Medikamenten

Worldwide, every second drug sold via the internet is counterfeit and this can have fatal consequences for the person who takes the medicine or tablets. These were the results of a study by international researchers at the University of Osnabruck

May 2, 2017
Apotheken Umschau

US major market for illegal online drug sales from India

The modus operandi of racketeers is to create websites that look authentic and make customers believe that even if calls are being taken/made from outside their local countries, dugs are procured locally. The global anonymity of the internet provides a safe haven for illicit prescription drug sales and many counterfeit products sold in the U.S. seem to have been manufactured outside the USA, particularly in China and India

April 26, 2017
Times of India