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Children bear brunt of militia violence in central Congo

Children in central Democratic Republic of Congo are bearing the brunt of violence between the army and a local militia which has uprooted at least 1.4 million people over the past year, UNICEF said. Six in 10 of those forced to flee their homes in the conflict-ravaged Kasai region - about 850,000 - are children, leaving them prey to attack, detention, sexual violence, and recruitment by militia fighters, according to the U.N. agency

July 28, 2017

Tens of thousands have fled violence in Congo Republic

More than 80,000 people have fled their homes in Pool province surrounding Congo Republic`s capital since the government began a military operation there last year, a joint U.N. and government statement said. The United Nations is seeking around $20 million in emergency funding to provide humanitarian assistance in the province, after a recent visit found widespread signs malnutrition, the statement said. Many of the displaced remain beyond the reach of aid workers, it added

June 24, 2017

Violence in central Congo leaves 400,000 children prey to deadly malnutrition - UN

Spiralling violence in the central Democratic Republic of the Congo has disrupted farming and shut down health centres, leaving hundreds of thousands of children vulnerable to life-threatening malnutrition, UNICEF said. An insurrection in the Greater Kasai region has left hundreds dead and uprooted more than 1m people since last July, the UN warned of a dramatically deteriorating situation

May 24, 2017

Rural women lead fight against infant mortality in DR Congo

UNICEF and the Congolese government are providing all pregnant women and mothers with children under five with free health kits containing mosquito nets and basic medication to treat children for diarrhoea, fever and malnutrition. UNICEF is also teaching mothers how and when to use the kits and offering them vouchers to get treatment at the nearest health clinic for a nominal fee. The relative stability in Mbaza-Ngungu region of the DRC is one reason for the project’s relative success in what is otherwise a troubled healthcare system

March 23, 2017

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Ebola outbreak in DRC is over, WHO says

The World Health Organization declared an end to the most recent outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, marking the latest key milestone in the fight against the deadly disease. The announcement comes 42 days, or the equivalent of two 21-day incubation cycles of the virus, after the last confirmed patient in the affected Bas-Uele province tested negative for Ebola

July 2, 2017
July 7, 2017
Contagion Live

WHO confirms Congo polio outbreaks in new eradication setback

The Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered two separate outbreaks of polio, the World Health Organization said. Confirmation of the outbreaks in Congo`s Haut-Lomami and Maniema provinces came less than a week after the WHO said polio had resurfaced in Syria, in an area partly controlled by Islamic State. Like the Syrian outbreak, the four Congolese cases were caused by circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2, which emerges in areas with only patchy vaccine coverage after being excreted by people who have been vaccinated

June 13, 2017

Ebola epidemic in Congo 'under control': health minister

The DRC has not recorded a new case of Ebola in the last 21 days, the maximum incubation period for the disease, but it is now in a state of heightened surveillance, the health minister told the media. He said the authorities have confirmed four cases, up from two previously, and three other cases are considered probable

June 2, 2017

Congo reports outbreaks of severe bird flu in Ituri: OIE

The DRC has reported three outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu among poultry in the north eastern province of Ituri, the World Organization for Animal Health said. The virus was detected among ducks and hens in three villages near the border with Uganda, citing a report from the Congolese agriculture ministry

May 31, 2017

WHO deploys new technology for Ebola fight

WHO said it has deployed new technology that allows for rapid diagnosis of the Ebola virus in the DRC. One of the technologies being used to detect Ebola is GeneXpert, which was primarily developed to detect cases of TB, but has been adapted to enable rapid testing of many pathogens. At the INRB lab in Kinshasa technicians can use it to test for the Zaire strain of Ebola in just one hour. Other tests deployed include OraQuick which can test blood or saliva samples for Ebola in just half an hour

May 29, 2017
News Agency of Nigeria, ReliefWeb

Congo's Ebola outbreak threatens CAR after violence forces thousands across border

An Ebola outbreak in the DRC could spread to the neighbouring CAR, where militia violence has forced thousands of people to flee across the border, the World Health Organization said, this is because recent attacks by militias in the CAR border town of Bangassou have driven about 2,750 people into Bas-Uele, raising the risk that the Ebola outbreak could spread across the border. WHO is worried as these refugees are now close to the epicentre of the ebola outbreak

May 25, 2017

Fourth person in probable Ebola death in Congo: WHO

A fourth person has likely died from Ebola in remote north eastern DRC, the WHO said, as the overall number of cases rose to 37 from 29. Of the 37 cases of haemorrhagic fever discovered since early May, two have been confirmed as Ebola, three including the latest death are considered probable and 32 are suspected. Health authorities are monitoring 416 people who came into contact with sufferers and have dispatched mobile laboratories to the zone to test people more quickly

May 21, 2017
May 22, 2017
The Citizen

WHO Optimistic on Controlling DRC Ebola Outbreak

WHO’s regional chief for Africa reported that the prospects of controlling the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the DRC are good. While not underestimating the difficulties that lie ahead in bringing this latest outbreak of Ebola to an end, Matshidiso Moeti told VOA she is “very encouraged by the speed with which the government and its national and international partners have responded to the crisis”

May 21, 2017
Voice of America

As Ebola outbreak grows, question of using vaccine becomes more urgent

As health officials and aid workers head to a remote corner of the DRC to respond to an outbreak of Ebola a key question remains: will the government authorize the use of a promising experimental vaccine? The vaccine had stunning results in a clinical trial in Guinea in 2015, but it has yet to be licensed for broader use. Science Insider spoke to Marie-Paul Kieny, a WHO assistant director who oversaw the agency’s response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa 2014-16 and asked her about whether the vaccine will be used

May 18, 2017

No vaccine roll out in DRC yet despite new Ebola infections

WHO said it is working with specialists to conduct an epidemiological investigation to better understand the extent of the current outbreak and to establish who is at risk of becoming infected with Ebola. Therefore its experts have not yet decided whether to use newly developed vaccines to try to contain the outbreak in the DRC, but officials are making preparations just in case 

May 15, 2017
Business Day

Kongo-Central: sept malades meurent d’une infection similaire au choléra à Songololo

There have been seven deaths in a week from the 82 cholera-like cases which DRC health officials have seen in Songololo (Kongo-Central). Confirmation remains a slow process as test samples need to go to Kinshasa for confirmation and then return

April 4, 2017
Radio Okapi, Afropages

RDC: 29 morts suite à une épidémie de choléra déclarée par les autorités dans l'est du pa...

Twenty nine people have died, from 219 cases, in the DRC, as an epidemic of cholera hit the east of the country in the Mambasa region  

March 11, 2017
cri.cn, L`Expression
March 12, 2017
March 10, 2017
Radio Okapi

Dr Benoit Kebela parle d’une maladie apparentée au cholera qui sévit à Badengaido en Ituri

In Badengaido there has already been 16 deaths from around 79 cases recorded to date, according to the Ministry of Public Health spokesperson, Dr Benoit Kebela Ilunga

February 27, 2017
Radio Okapi

Health systems

Refugees suffer disease outbreaks in Tanzania

An outbreak of diseases has struck Tanzanian camps housing refugees fleeing strife in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some 184 new arrivals composed of 99 Burundian and 85 Congolese asylum seekers have entered the East African country in the past week as the crises in their countries peak. According to the agency the top five medical conditions at the Nyarugusu and Nduta refugee camps are malaria, skin infections, upper respiratory tract infection, HIV and mental disorder

June 15, 2017
CajNews Africa

Communicable diseases

An outbreak of Ebola in the DRC has been contained. What went right this time?

The World Health Organisation recently declared the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Conversation explains how a multi-disciplinary team of health workers and administrative officers was dispatched and they put lessons learnt and best practice into action to contain the disease

July 12, 2017
The Conversation
July 13, 2017