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Women murder victims: guns used in majority of homicides

Guns are used in more than half of murders of women, and the highest frequency is among non-Hispanic black victims, according to a new analysis by the CDC. Domestic violence is a big factor: Firearms were used in nearly 54 percent of female homicides, and in 55 percent of those cases the perpetrator is someone with whom the victim has been intimately involved. Past studies have demonstrated that a woman’s risk of homicide increases greatly if her male abuser owns a gun

July 21, 2017
Newsweek, NPR
July 20, 2017
Washington Post

The enemy within: as FARC rebels disarm, what peace for Colombia's women?

One woman is killed every four days in Colombia. Many are victims of femicide - a killing of a woman by a man because of her gender - often at the hands of a former or current partner. Tackling violence against women is a key challenge for Colombia as the nation puts behind it 52 years of war that has killed 200,000 people and displaced 7 million. The FARC peace deal is an opportunity for the government to focus more attention and resources on combating gender violence, and for the domestic violence problem to become more visible

June 23, 2017

Hotline, 'gender champions' tackle violence against girls in drought-hit Kenya

A group of women and men – drawn from community members, police officers, journalists, health workers, and non-governmental organisations, among others – have set up a gender support desk and hotline in Wajir for victims of violence. Once a girl calls the toll-free number, the group alerts a local colleague or police officer, who investigates the accusation while providing the victim with moral and medical support. If the allegation is found to be substantiated and the victim is willing to come forward, the gender desk helps her bring the case to court. The initiative, which is part of the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) programme, is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and led by Mercy Corps

June 21, 2017

Teach the fathers of tomorrow to keep girls in school today, study shows

The Asante Africa Foundation said girls` attendance increased by 80 percent in Kenyan and Tanzanian schools where its project taught about 9,000 adolescent girls, 3,000 mothers and 500 boys about problems like teenage pregnancy and domestic violence. "If we want to ensure that the next generation of women are given the chance to receive a quality education then we must train our boys to be champions for girls` equality," Erna Grasz, founder of the U.S.-based charity, said

June 19, 2017

Women abused by partners suffer lifelong health problems – study

The first long-term Australian study to investigate the impact of partner violence, researchers found those who have survived abuse ‘recorded significantly poorer health.’ Abused women suffer significant physical and mental health problems that persist throughout their lifetime. While health is expected to worsen as people age, the physical functioning and general health of women, who experienced intimate partner violence, was consistently worse than those who had not experienced it

June 13, 2017

Domestic violence pushes Central American women to flee for their lives - U.N.

Rampant domestic violence is forcing women to flee their homes in Central America, the UN refugee agency said, as it urged governments to work together to address the reasons for migration in the region. Hundreds of thousands of people, including women and children travelling alone, leave the ‘Northern Triangle’ of nations; El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to escape gang violence and poverty. Many head north to the United States to seek refuge and a better life

May 24, 2017

Radio aimed at Nicaragua's Miskito women takes on violence, trafficking

Airing from dusk to dawn, six days a week, broadcast along the country’s impoverished north Atlantic Coast, a new radio station is being hailed by UN Women and campaigners as a key way to reach indigenous communities plagued by violence against women and girls. Powered mainly on solar radio, it is the first and only radio station dedicated to women’s rights in their native language

May 22, 2017

South African men march against abuse of women and children

Hundreds of South Africans who have been angered by a rise in violence against women and children took to the streets and marched in protest, calling for action, in the South African capital Pretoria

May 20, 2017
BBC, AlJazeera
May 21, 2017

Forced from their forests, Cameroon's female pygmies bear brunt of alcohol abuse

Driven from their ancestral lands by logging and mining firms, many of the 50,000 Baka pygmies in eastern Cameroon are turning to alcohol to cope. Struggling to adapt to life outside the forests, the Baka’s problems of poverty, hunger and alcoholism are likely to worsen. Some pygmie girls are abducted by traffickers to work in major cities as maids or sex slaves. Many return with Aids and STIs, some Baka die or go blind from drinking home-grown alcohol

May 17, 2017

No man is born 'trashy'

An article in News24 tackles the scale of domestic violence in South Africa where it was found 60,000 women and children are victims of domestic violence, according to a study carried out by the World Health Organization. South Africa is the second most unsafe country out of the 48 countries south of the Sahara. Many domestic violence victims do not understand what it is and two in three women suffer a form of abuse, but the problem is being ignored

May 17, 2017

Shocking stats show one in five SA women experience domestic violence

A new Stats SA study indicates that one in five women report experiencing violence at the hands of a partner. Some 21% of women over 18 reported domestic violence. Eight percent of women reported experiencing violence in the previous 12 month period. A further six percent reported experiencing sexual violence by a partner, with the poorest women being most at risk 

May 15, 2017
Times Live, Business Day , Daily Maverick

The Activist Taking on Patriarchy to End Domestic Violence in Kenya

News Deeply featured Kenyan activist, Saida Ali, who is taking on ‘dowry culture’ and a ‘fixation on reproduction’ which has contributed to waves of domestic violence towards women in African homes. It tells her story and expresses her view that awareness campaigns about domestic violence are on the rise and that she is more optimistic that attitudes are slowly starting to change

May 3, 2017
News Deeply

Nigeria: 1,480 Domestic Violence Cases Recorded in Two Years - LASG

Across Africa, domestic violence is the most prevalent form of violence against women and girls, but many authorities see it as a family matter. Women’s groups say education is key to helping survivors stand up and report abuse when it happens

April 27, 2017
allafrica.com, News Deeply

NGO Trains 6000 Women

The Women Inspiration Development Centre (WIDC), an NGO, said it has trained 6,000 women and girls in 12 rural communities in self-protection against gender-based violence in 2016. Mrs Busayo Obisakin, WIDC Founder, said the training has been done in collaboration with a U.S.-based NGO called ‘Imagine.’ In her presentation in Lagos, Mrs Obisakin listed the organizations outcomes: with some women achieving peace in their homes as a result of economic empowerment, some women have left their unrepentant husbands and are in peace with their children, some with health issues understand their situation better and are seeing improvement, some are furthering studies and attending weekend schools and others have small businesses and are accessing microfinance from banks

April 27, 2017
PMNews Nigeria

Aussie Muslim Leaders Slam Hizb Ut-Tahrir Domestic Violence Video

Prominent Muslim community leaders slammed a video from radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir defending violence against women. In the video women from this fringe group argued that disobedient wives could be disciplined by being hit. The video sparked outrage across Australia and the rest of the world with a coalition of Muslim leaders and commentators saying “there is absolutely no justification for men to demean, threaten or abuse women, whether symbolically or otherwise” in a public statement

April 14, 2017
Huffington Post
April 13, 2017
Daily Telegraphj
April 14, 2017
The Guardian, Evening Standard

Young Rohingya Mothers flee Persecution

The UN said the Myanmar army has committed mass killings, gang rapes and burned villages in a campaign that may amount to ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state and Rohingya, where families have been forced to flee for their lives

March 22, 2017
Jakarta Globe
March 21, 2017
International Business Times

Despite murderous attacks, Tanzania's 'witches' fight for land

Thousands of elderly Tanzanian women have been strangled, knifed to death and burnt alive over the last two decades after being denounced as witches. The human rights coordinator for the Magu Poverty Eradication Rehabilitation Centre explained it was ‘a hidden agenda’ and the attacks have always all been about stealing their land 

March 21, 2017
Reuters, Mirror, Malay Mail

Women’s rights are under fresh assault worldwide, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned...

Women’s rights are under fresh assault worldwide, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned as the UN kicked off a conference to take stock of the fight for gender equality

March 14, 2017
Straits Times, Yahoo News

At least 12,000 people killed by domestic violence every year? Russia's not even sure

With Russia recently signing a bill to decriminalise domestic violence, this is a pandemic that is leading to around 38 women being killed every day with the deaths in rural areas, sometimes masked as suicides

March 10, 2017

REVEALED: Domestic violence, sexual abuse make women more vulnerable to HIV

Domestic violence and sexual abuse increases the risk of HIV among women, a new report by UNAIDS has revealed. A lack of access to education and health services and a lack of decision-making power are contributing factors to women’s vulnerability to HIV, the report concluded

March 10, 2017
The Cable Nigeria

One in three Kenyan women battered before 18

One in three Kenyan women have experienced violence before reaching the age of 18, a youth campaigner told Capital FM Kenya

March 8, 2017
Capital FM

For women of color, the 'healthcare gap' is real and deadly

A recent study found that women of colour in America die from cervical cancer at more than twice the rate of white women in America. In fact, they are dying at rates comparable to those in much poorer developing countries. Cervical cancer is highly preventable, so why is this happening?

March 8, 2017
The Hill

Gender equality is out of reach, a quarter of all women fear

One in four British women believes gender equality is impossible to achieve, according to a new study. Nine out of ten of them are not optimistic that gender equality can be achieved in the next five years  

March 8, 2017
Chronicle Live

Bangladesh acid attack survivors show new confidence on fashion runway

Bangladesh hosted a fashion show with a difference to mark International Women’s Day, featuring 15 confident catwalk models fighting to overcome the trauma of acid attacks

March 8, 2017

There’s a Global Rape Epidemic and There Are Few Laws to Prevent it

A report released last week entitled ‘The World’s Shame’ by the international human rights organization Equality Now, has revealed the inadequacy of laws all over the world to protect women against sexual violence. Over a lifetime, one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence – regardless of age, background or country. According to UNICEF, one in 10 girls – around 120m – experience rape or sexual assault globally

March 8, 2017
Global Citizen