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Promoting health through the life course

United States rejects U.N. call for access to safe abortions

The United States has rejected a United Nations resolution on violence against women because it called for access to safe abortion for all women in countries where legal. The administration of President Donald Trump said last month it was vastly expanding the scope of a policy blocking U.S. assistance to foreign groups that perform or provide information about abortions. U.S. First Secretary to the U.N. in Geneva Jason Mack said, after a resolution from Canada on eliminating violence against women was adopted by consensus, that the U.S. "must dissociate from the consensus" specifically on access to safe abortions

June 22, 2017

The World Bank reinvents itself – and puts poverty reduction at risk

The World Bank’s relationship with US president Donald Trump has raised concerns about its political neutrality in recent weeks, but a larger and potentially much more important shift in how the Bank operates is underway.” “The World Bank” say many academics and policy analysts, “is reinventing itself, from a lender for major development projects, to a broker for private sector investment.” “De-risking” entire countries for private sector investors is likely to include policies such as strict inflation controls, large-scale privatisations, rapid trade liberalisation and strong government cutbacks on social spending. These have in the past made World Bank lending activities notoriously destructive for developing countries

June 21, 2017
Sierra Leone Telegraph

Delaware is first U.S. state to enact abortion rights law under Trump

Delaware`s governor has signed into law a bill ensuring abortion remains legal in the state, the first such move in the United States since President Donald Trump was elected on a pledge to overturn a landmark ruling that legalized abortion nationally. A spokesman for Democratic Governor John Carney Jr. said he supported the rights and protections afforded under Roe v. Wade, a 1973 Supreme Court decision protecting a woman`s right to abortion. "For that reason, he signed the bill into law," said the spokesman, Jonathan Starkey, noting that the law takes effect immediately

June 9, 2017

US Gives Up Its Attempt To Prevent Listing Gender Equality As A Human Right

Leaders from the G7-countries will sign a statement that includes a reference to human rights when defining gender equality, a big diplomatic victory for Canada. Ivanka Trump is said to have played a significant role in helping leaders to shift Donald Trump from an opponent to support the proposition

May 26, 2017

Donald Trump vs. Women’s Health

In the US delayed detection is one of the reasons that a disease like cervical cancer has one of the lowest survival rates in the developed world. This is due in some part to lack of healthcare insurance cover, where women seek help far too late. In addition, Trump is undermining the fight against cervical cancer by seeking to defund Planned Parenthood, which performs some 270,000 cervical screenings annually. Then there is the expanded global gag rule which slashes abortion advice and the cut-off of funds for the UN Population Fund, another major player in reducing cervical cancer deaths

May 20, 2017
New York Times

U.N. chief warns U.S. funding cut may have devastating effects

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that a decision by the United States to withdraw all funding to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) could have ‘devastating effects’ on vulnerable women and girls around the world. The U.S. State Department said it was dropping the funding because the UN Population Fund ‘supports, or participates in the management of, a programme of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilisation.’ A UN spokesperson said Guteress ‘believes that the decision is based on an inaccurate perception of the nature and importance of the work done by UNFPA’

April 4, 2017
April 3, 2017
April 4, 2017
April 5, 2017

Non communicable diseases

Trump Wants to Slash Funding for Birth Defect Research as States Brace for Zika Season

The Trump administration wants to slash the Centers for Disease Control budget by 17%, including cutting programmes such as the National Center on Birth Defects and Development Disabilities, an initiative which is essential for zika research. With the funds initially earmarked to deal with the zika crisis now nearly all spent, such cuts would stymie the ability of state and local authorities to prepare for inevitable new infections or provide services to those affected by them

May 24, 2017

Trump’s New Travel Ban Could Hinder Research On HIV And Mental Health

President Trump’s temporary travel ban has had consequences for a scientist at Harvard Medical School, who has been seeking to collaborate with Iranian academics on HIV/AIDs research. Another at Columbia Law School’s human rights clinic, wanted to study the impact of armed conflict on the mental health of people in Yemen

March 7, 2017
Huffington Post

Health systems

So Much for Trump Going After Pharma

President Donald Trump has gone from promising to bring down drug prices to looking like he`s been captured by Big Pharma in just a few short months. The president started out the year ripping into drug makers and threatening to make firms bid for government business but now, rather than pushing for pricing legislation, his administration is reportedly settling for an executive order -- which, according to a Kaiser Health News report, may end up looking more like a pharma wish list than a menu of onerous demands. The regulations the industry fears most include those that would give the government more negotiating power and limit drug monopolies. Those increasingly seem to be off the table

June 20, 2017

How Trump Can Curb Runaway Drug Prices

The affordability of prescription drugs is a growing public concern, as annual drug spending continues to rise year after year. Trump could use his deal-making skills to negotiate voluntary pricing restraints in the drug industry. Such restraints would reduce the distortionary effects that inevitably result when the government forces specific cost-control measures in areas that may not be the most efficient places to cut costs. Instead, voluntary pricing restraints would enable individual companies to determine the most effective ways to cut their costs to reduce aggregate drug spending

June 17, 2017

Trump's Proposed Birth Control Rollback Is a Very Scary Idea

A draft of the Trump administration’s plan to roll back the ACA’s birth control benefit, which requires insurance plans to provide contraception free of charge, has leaked to the press. The plan expands the exemption that allows religious houses to deny health insurance coverage on moral objection grounds, so if a CEO offering insurance provision as part of the work package believes women should not use birth control, they don’t have to cover it

May 31, 2017
June 1, 2017
New York Times

Republican plan to repeal Obamacare would leave millions uninsured: report

Fourteen million American would lose medical insurance by next year ,under a Republican plan to dismantle Obamacare that would also reduce the budget deficit, the non-partisan congressional research office said on Monday, throwing President Trump and the Republicans onto the defensive, as they press forward with replacement legislation

March 14, 2017

Communicable diseases

President Trump wants you to know he actually does care about HIV/AIDS

In the nearly eight months since he was elected president, Trump has managed to alienate a diverse range of stakeholders in the healthcare world — from scientists researching autism to parents of children with preexisting conditions. But the backlash from the HIV/AIDS community has been especially fierce. In a very public display of frustration, Scott Schoettes, a former member of PACHA, accused the Trump administration of having “no strategy to address the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic.” Writing in a commentary in Newsweek, he also said Trump and his government have sought zero input from experts on their HIV policy and have pushed legislation that “will harm people living with HIV and halt or reverse important gains made in the fight against this disease”

June 27, 2017
Washington Post

U.N. chief, Trump meet at White House amid U.S. funding cut threat

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres met with President Trump at the White House in talks set against a backdrop of Trump’s plans to cut funding to the world body and its agencies. Trump has proposed a 28% budget cut for diplomacy and foreign aid, which includes an unspecified reduction in financial support for the UN and its agencies, as well as an enforcement of a 25% cap on U.S. funding for peacekeeping operations. The USA is the largest contributor paying 22% of the $5.4bn core budget and 28.5% of the $7.9bn peacekeeping budget. The talks were said to be constructive and they agreed to meet again in the future

April 21, 2017

What they knew and when they knew it

Slate draws on new emails which show that American officials quickly realised that the UN had brought cholera to Haiti. The emails show that the U.S. government at the highest levels was almost immediately aware that UN forces likely played a role in the outbreak. Multiple federal agencies shielded the UN from accountability to protect the organization. The UN continued to deny any involvement in the outbreak until it admitted it ‘played a role’ in 2016. By then, 800,000 people in Haiti had been sickened and more than 9,500 killed, with some experts saying the real toll could be two or three times higher

March 30, 2017
Slate, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Why Europe should lead on fight against disease

Renate Baehr, executive director of the Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevolkerung, wrote an Op Ed for Politico Europe, in which she argued that ‘the rise of Donald Trump and Brexit have made European action on disease control more important than ever and that the Bloc needs to fill the U.S. power vacuum as it steadily withdraws’

February 23, 2017