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Non communicable diseases

State attorneys general probe opioid drug companies

A bipartisan group of state attorneys general are jointly investigating the marketing and sales practices of drug companies that manufacture opioid painkillers at the center of a national addiction epidemic. Attorneys general from states including Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania announced the investigation two weeks after Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sued five drug manufacturers for misrepresenting the risks of opioids. "We are looking into what role, if any, marketing and related practices might have played in the increasing prescription and use of these powerful and addictive drugs," District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine said

June 15, 2017

Health systems

China adds blockbuster drugs to insurance list after price cuts

China will add three dozen new drugs to a list of medicines covered by basic insurance schemes after global pharmaceutical firms agreed to slash prices of blockbuster treatments for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said it had agreed to add 36 drugs to the National Reimbursable Drugs List in return for an average 44 percent price cut against last year`s retail prices

July 19, 2017

So Much for Trump Going After Pharma

President Donald Trump has gone from promising to bring down drug prices to looking like he`s been captured by Big Pharma in just a few short months. The president started out the year ripping into drug makers and threatening to make firms bid for government business but now, rather than pushing for pricing legislation, his administration is reportedly settling for an executive order -- which, according to a Kaiser Health News report, may end up looking more like a pharma wish list than a menu of onerous demands. The regulations the industry fears most include those that would give the government more negotiating power and limit drug monopolies. Those increasingly seem to be off the table

June 20, 2017

How Trump Can Curb Runaway Drug Prices

The affordability of prescription drugs is a growing public concern, as annual drug spending continues to rise year after year. Trump could use his deal-making skills to negotiate voluntary pricing restraints in the drug industry. Such restraints would reduce the distortionary effects that inevitably result when the government forces specific cost-control measures in areas that may not be the most efficient places to cut costs. Instead, voluntary pricing restraints would enable individual companies to determine the most effective ways to cut their costs to reduce aggregate drug spending

June 17, 2017

Japan government scraps proposals for drug-price cuts in policy guidelines

Japan has dropped proposals on price cuts for prescription drugs aimed at boosting the use of generic drugs, underscoring the government`s struggle to rein in bulging social security costs for a rapidly ageing nation, this step comes as Japan looks to boost the use of generics to 80 percent by September 2020 from about 56 percent now, thus saving the government hundreds of billions of yen every year. In an annual draft of policy guidelines that incorporated the change, the government floated the idea of lowering the prices of these prescription drugs to the levels of generic drugs. But the proposals were missing from the final version of the annual policy guidelines approved by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe`s cabinet

June 9, 2017

Lower Drug Costs Still ‘Absolute Priority’ for Trump, Price Says

Tackling the high price of prescriptions drugs in the US is still “an absolute priority,” Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told senators, and one way to lower costs is to enable more generics to come to the market. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that the agency is looking at how to push applications to the front of the line in cases where there are fewer than three competing generic manufacturers. The FDA is seeking to eliminate within a year the backlog of 2,640 generic-drug applications, Gottlieb said

June 8, 2017

Drug Prices Become Target for FDA as Chief Expands Purview

The head of the FDA is considering using the agency’s powers to bring more price competition to the market for generic drugs, targeting high-priced products by prioritizing the approval of additional competing products, FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, said the agency is looking at how to push applications to the front of the line where there are fewer than three competing generic manufacturers

June 6, 2017

Pfizer raises US prices of 91 drugs by 20% in 2017

Pfizer hiked the prices of nearly a hundred drugs by an average of 20% so far this year in the United States, the Financial Times reported. Drug pricing has become a contentious issue as a wave of new treatments for cancer and other serious conditions reach the market, some costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars

June 2, 2017
Financial Times, Reuters

Drug makers are bracing for Trump’s proposals to tackle U.S. prices

Two top pharmaceutical CEOs say they expect Trump, a frequent critic of industry pricing practices, to take steps to address high US drug costs, Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez and Allergan CEO Brent Saunders say they anticipate proposals from the Trump administration within the next few weeks to the next few months

May 31, 2017

Health R&D Still Underfunded – WHO Members Concerned, NGOs Call For More Ambition

NGOs urged that delinkage of the cost of R&D for new medicines and new medicine pricing needs to be on the WHO agenda every time public sector funding of R&D is discussed and when funding reforms are considered by the WHO. There was also calls for the collection and publication of data on R&D investment flow, the cost associated with specific clinical trials and the role of government in funding or subsidising drug development. MSF noted that its work is often hindered because medicines, vaccines and diagnostics are too expensive, too difficult to use or do not exist, so it believes there is a need for a comprehensive reform of the way medical R&D is prioritised, financed and conducted

May 29, 2017

Unlikely alliance of India and U.S. could keep medicines access on WHO agenda

The issue of access to medicines is rising on the international agenda and developed countries are feeling the bite of prices of new medicines, indeed, the issue is starting to blur as some countries, such as the Netherlands, Greece and Portugal are not putting up with industry prices and saying it loudly and clearly. A committee at the WHA adopted a proposal by India, supported by the USA, that the discussion on access to medicines be an agenda item at the WHO Executive Board in January 2018. A bolder proposal for the issue to become a standing agenda item at the WHA by South Africa was rejected

May 28, 2017

Chemists to go on all-India strike on May 30 against 'stringent rules'

On May 30th, chemists across India will go on a strike in protest against strict regulations on sale of medicines and their declining margins, the All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists said they have been forced to resort to strike after their representations to the government went unheeded, and that they object to e-pharmacies, which they say can lead to the circulation of counterfeit drugs

May 27, 2017
Times of India, India.com, News Bytes

Narendra Modi’s generics drugs plan worries health experts, pharma sector

India’s plan to bring in a law to ensure doctors prescribe medicines only by their generic names risks proliferating the sale of substandard drugs in a country where regulation is already lax, doctors and pharmaceutical executives say

May 26, 2017
Live Mint

WHO Official: Medicines Should Not Be Priced At The Value Of A Life

WHO assistant director general, Marie-Paule Kieny, urged people to moved away from the notion of value-based pricing and towards fair pricing, telling WHA delegates the WHO is beginning to work on this, then the discussion moves on through pricing of vaccines to other medical products as WHO tries to get to grips with the basics of pricing, which may not necessarily be low if it can be shown it is expensive to produce. Similarly, the notion of delinking the price from the costs of R&D is a further issue, push funding for research being one way to counteract this

May 26, 2017

India's drug pricing regulator clamps down on drug cocktails

India’s drug pricing regulator has demanded explanations from 65 domestic and global drugmakers for selling new forms of essential diabetes and antibiotic drugs without its approval. These companies have launched formulations by altering an essential drug without even applying for price approval from NPPA as required, it said in its website notice. The companies on this list include Sanofi, Abbott laboratories and Indian firms such as Lupin and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

May 18, 2017

India's drugmakers need more time to meet international standards: industry group

India’s big drug makers will need at least five more years to improve their manufacturing standards and data reliability to a level demanded by international regulators, said a senior official. The industry has struggled to improve factory processes and train staff since 2013, when major violations were found at India’s then largest drug maker Ranbaxy Laboratories. Complaints have ranged from issues over hygiene and maintenance to concerns over falsifying manufacturing related test results and data 

May 17, 2017

Sanofi rejects US Army request for ‘fair’ pricing for a Zika vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur has rejected a request from the US Army to set an affordable US price for a Zika vaccine that the company is developing with American taxpayer funds, prompting an angry response from Senator Bernie Sanders. For months, Sanders has pushed the Army to negotiate a more favourable arrangement with Sanofi, who has already received a $43m U.S. research grant. But Sanofi recently refused, according to an Army timeline of events

May 17, 2017
Stat News

WHO members urged to delink R&D from cancer medicine

A number of civil society organizations and health specialists have sent a letter to delegates at the annual World Health Assembly and member states urging them to delink the R&D costs from the prices of cancer medicines. The letter reads ‘none of the 56 novel cancer medicines approved by the U.S. FDA from 2010 to 2016 are included in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines’

May 16, 2017
International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Health ministry, Novartis sign accord

Pakistan’s Ministry of Health signed an MoU agreement with Novartis Access to provide a basket of high-quality medicines in the public sector targeting four key non-communicable diseases – cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory illnesses and breast cancer. The agreement will help the most deserving to gain access to high-quality treatment at low cost to lessen the impact of chronic diseases in this developing nation

May 12, 2017
The Nation, Express Tribune

Narendra Modi hints at rules for doctors to prescribe generic drugs

Indian PM Narendra Modi indicated that his government may bring a legal framework under which doctors will have to prescribe generic medicines, which are cheaper than equivalent branded drugs, to patients. Modi said his government had brought in a healthy policy after 15 years and capped the prices of medicines and stents, which has angered some pharmaceutical companies, and this new direction would be a possible next step

April 17, 2017
India.com, Hindu Business Line, Bangalore Mirror

Blame game over high drug prices escalates with new advert

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, its lobbying association, launched an advertising campaign urging insurers to share with customers more of the benefit of rebates they have negotiated. In response, the main health insurance lobby pushed back and pinned the high cost blame on drug makers

April 6, 2017

The cost of cancer: new drugs show success at a steep price

Newer cancer drugs that enlist the body’s immune system are improving the odds of survival, but competition between them is not reigning in prices that can now top $250,000 per year

April 3, 2017

EU rapid drug approval plan worries some national agencies

A push by the European Medicines Agency to speed up the approval of new drugs that show promise is running into stiff resistance from some of the national agencies that will ultimately decide if the medicines are worth buying. Critics worry that lowering the requirement for lengthy clinical trials, selling drugs with relatively little testing data, even if the go-ahead comes with strict limits, will expose patients to greater risks 

March 29, 2017
CNBC, Reuters

Trump FDA Nominee Wants Lower Drug Costs With More Generics

President Trump’s pick to head the FDA is one of the most vigorous advocates of lowering drug costs by approving generics faster. He’s particularly focused on complex medications that combine old drugs with newer deliveries, as well as those with unusually complicated formulations. The main generic drug law, crafted more than 30 years ago didn’t contemplate complex drugs and so it does not provide an efficient and predictable path for enabling generic entrants – Scott Gottlieb wrote in an Oct 24 Forbes column. Revamping the process is likely to be his focus

March 29, 2017

Beijing ends hospital markups on drug prices

Beijing announced public hospitals will end mark-ups on drug prices to separate medical treatment and drug sales and to lower costs to patients. Previously, drug prices were marked up by 15%, but this is now disallowed in over 3,600 hospitals and medical institutions across the city from April 8 

March 22, 2017

Drug shortage in 2011 tied to increased deaths

In a study into a drug used to treat a deadly infection known as septic shock in 2011, the researchers found that the shortage of norepinephrine was tied to an increase in deaths among patients with this condition. During the shortage the risk of death among septic shock patients was about 40% compared to 36% when hospitals weren’t experiencing a shortage. The 4% difference is likely to represent hundreds of excess deaths among this group

March 21, 2017

Trump says he wants provision to lower drug costs in Republican bill

President Donald Trump said he wants to add a provision to the Republican healthcare plan that would lower prescription drug costs through a ‘competitive bidding process’

March 20, 2017

Indian drugmakers face squeeze in U.S. healthcare market

India’s small and medium-sized generic drug makers say the threat of tougher rules and higher barriers for outsiders in the U.S. healthcare market will force many of them to find a niche, or focus their expansion efforts on other countries. India supplies just under a third of medicines sold in the U.S. and cut-price generics sold by Indian companies have been critical in bringing down prices

March 17, 2017

Generic Firms Can Export Bayer Drugs for R&D in India Ruling

An Indian court granted a pair of drug makers the right to export the main ingredients of two of Bayer’s top-selling drugs to develop generics in other countries. This is a decision which has the potential to speed up copycat versions of some of the industry’s most profitable products

March 8, 2017

Lower $1,000 Pill Price? We'd Love It, Says Express Scripts

Gilead and Express Scripts Holding are in a spat over drug costs and rebate prices, with Express Scripts CEO challenging Gilead’s CEO to lower prices on their more expensive drugs

March 7, 2017

Trump Sends Pharma Stocks Down With New Tweet on Drug Prices

President Trump jumped back into the drug pricing debate, earlier in the week, sending pharmaceutical stocks downwards again with a tweet promising to lower medicine costs for American people. In the tweet Trump claimed to be ‘working on a new system where there will be competition in the drug industry’

March 7, 2017

Germany to scrap plan to lower prices of new drugs: lawmakers

Germany’s ruling coalition will scrap plans, announced last year, to lower prices of newly launched drugs within the first 12 months, should sales exceed 250m euros lawmakers told

March 6, 2017

UK competition watchdog alleges illegal drug deal between Concordia and Actavis

The Competition and Markets Authority is alleging that two pharmaceutical companies, Concordia and Actavis, signed illegal agreements that enabled high prices for a life-saving drug to be prolonged

March 3, 2017
Financial Times

Drug Costs Too High? Fire the Middleman

Bloomberg Business Week looked at how Caterpillar Inc examined its employee drug plan and sensed money was evaporating. So, by a process of squeezing pharmacy benefit managers, they brought the costs right down

March 3, 2017

Communicable diseases

Candidato a director de la OMS: "Los laboratorios deben bajar los precios a los paises pobres"

On a visit to Guatemala to learn more about the health challenges the country is facing, David Nabarro, candidate to be the next Director General of WHO, said ‘pharmaceutical companies should seek to find a way in which to reduce prices for medicines in poorer countries’

March 29, 2017
America Economica
March 28, 2017
Noticias Terra, La Conexion USA, Emisoras Unidas 89.7