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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Piura tiene déficit de médicos ante gran cantidad de casos de dengue [VIDEO]

The health system in the Piura region (Peru) is on the point of collapse. Patients have to be seen in hallways and waiting areas and in many cases are having to wait hours. Drugs to treat the sheer scale of dengue cases are running out in some place as the volume of cases overwhelms the healthcare system

April 16, 2017
La Republica, El Comercio
April 17, 2017
El Popular, AmericaTV

Lassa fever: 3 persons on admission in Bauchi

Four out of the five reported Lassa Fever cases in 2017 resulted in death. Now Bauchi’s main teaching hospital has identified a shortage of drugs and other needed equipment as being some of the remaining impediments hindering any successful treatment of the disease in the state

February 28, 2017
Daily Trust
March 1, 2017
Nigerian Pilot
February 25, 2017
Africa News

Health systems

MP blames provincial govt for drugs shortage

In Papua New Guinea the local Kerema MP has called out the Gulf provincial government for not addressing the issue of medicine shortages at the Kerema General Hospital. The MP said he had been told there was no medicine at the local hospital and patients were told to use herbal medicine while waiting for new supplies. He said the government must immediately address the issue because people needed the basics like malaria and tuberculosis drugs urgently

March 28, 2017
The National