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Disorderly Brexit could put patients at risk, drug industry warns

The supply of life-saving medicines in Europe could be severely disrupted unless Britain successfully negotiates a smooth and orderly exit from the EU, pharmaceutical industry leaders warned. Europe`s pharmaceutical and bioscience industry is concerned about Brexit because it is currently well integrated across the bloc, with many EU-wide regulatory agreements and cross-border collaborations. In a letter to Brexit negotiators stressing the importance of securing ongoing co-operation on medicines after Britain leaves the EU, drug company representatives said a bad transition could put patients at risk

July 13, 2017

So Much for Trump Going After Pharma

President Donald Trump has gone from promising to bring down drug prices to looking like he`s been captured by Big Pharma in just a few short months. The president started out the year ripping into drug makers and threatening to make firms bid for government business but now, rather than pushing for pricing legislation, his administration is reportedly settling for an executive order -- which, according to a Kaiser Health News report, may end up looking more like a pharma wish list than a menu of onerous demands. The regulations the industry fears most include those that would give the government more negotiating power and limit drug monopolies. Those increasingly seem to be off the table

June 20, 2017

Drug Prices Become Target for FDA as Chief Expands Purview

The head of the FDA is considering using the agency’s powers to bring more price competition to the market for generic drugs, targeting high-priced products by prioritizing the approval of additional competing products, FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, said the agency is looking at how to push applications to the front of the line where there are fewer than three competing generic manufacturers

June 6, 2017

Japan to bring forward target for increased generic drug use: sources

Japan will bring forward a target to boost the use of generic drugs by six months to September 2020, two government sources with direct knowledge of the matter said. The rapidly aging nation is aiming to lift the use of generics to more than 80% from around 56% currently – a move that would save the government hundreds of billions of Yen, the sources said

May 22, 2017

Kerala Generic in pilot mode

To date, 111 molecules have been identified to be procured through leading branded companies and some ninety four of them have been bought Most of the drugs the generic company is planning to support will be for non-communicable diseases, so the biggest advantage will become price reduction For example, insulin which costs Rs145 in the marketplace would cost Kerala Generic Rs70. Six months into the pilot run drugs will be made available to the medical community, very likely through Neethi stores or at Supplyco outlets

May 21, 2017
The Hindu

Amazon's Long Shadow Falls on Pharmacies

According to a CNBC report, Amazon is considering a leap into the prescription drug business. It wouldn’t be easy, but the industry and its investors ought not to dismiss the threat. If Amazon offered an experience that improves on existing U.S. mail order options in price or convenience, then it could disrupt retail drug stores. The pharmacy is the golden nugget in the vast majority of retail revenue for America’s biggest drug stores

May 18, 2017
May 16, 2017

Barring pharmaceutical imports will not heal Africa’s economy

A Business Day opinion piece says plans by the East African Community to implement a plan to foster local drug production and protect domestic markets through high tariff walls against medicine imports is wrong, given the woeful track record that policies such as these have had in Africa over recent decades. Africa should create environments that afford the protection of intellectual property and offer competitive tax regimes to attract investment, research and development and construct educational institutions to support that investment

April 19, 2017
Business Day

More wealth, less health: The changes fuelling China’s drug industry boom

The Telegraph highlighted the changes which are sweeping through Chinese society, such as a growing middle class, and an increasingly elderly population with a demand for improving healthcare – which are all combining to open up opportunity for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in China

March 4, 2017