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Child marriage soars in Yemen as famine looms: UN

Child marriage soars in Yemen as families struggle to feed their children amid a conflict that has left the country on the brink of famine, UNICEF said. Around 80% of all families in Yemen are in debt or are borrowing money to feed their children. Dowry payments are an additional incentive for poor parents to marry daughters off early and, as there is no minimum age for marriage, campaigners say girls sometimes as young as eight or nine are being married off

March 27, 2017

Communicable diseases

108 million people in the world face severe food insecurity: World Food Programme report

A report by the World Food Programme states that around 108 million people in the world were severely facing food insecurity in 2016. Notably, this figure has risen from 80 million in 2015 which indicates the situation is worsening. The WFP report lists 18 countries in which it projects the prevailing Food Security crisis Phase 3. Yemen tops the list with 14.1m people, about half the population facing severe food insecurity. Ethiopia and Afghanistan came in second and third with 9.7m and 8.5m facing food insecurity respectively

April 3, 2017
India, Trade Arabia, Yahoo India, global agriculture

Here's a reason behind depleting groundwater

A new study by researchers has found that the use of non-renewable groundwater in food production has increased exponentially. In 2000, non-groundwater use account for 20% of the world’s irrigation. In 10 years it jumped to 22%, driven by cases such as China, which registered a 102% increase in groundwater depletion, and the USA (31% increase) and India (23%)

April 1, 2017
Economic Times

Survey finds most Tanzanians go hungry, despite government denials

Most Tanzanians have experienced hunger in the past three months, with food shortages most severe in drought-hit rural areas, a countrywide survey found, despite government denials of a food crisis. The survey, by think tank Twaweza, found that 64% of interviewees experienced shortages in cities, as opposed to 84% who did so in rural areas

March 8, 2017

Could 'resurrection' crops survive drought and feed a hungry planet?

Research shows that survival mechanisms in drought conditions for 135 varieties of ‘resurrection plant,’ such as the Rose of Jerricho and Siempre Viva desert plants, are similar to the dessication processes found in crop seeds. As crops produce dry seeds, it implies the genetic mechanism for dessication tolerance exists in crops. By modifying the existing gene composition of maize, the team believe they can produce drought tolerant crops which can offer an answer to feeding a hungry planet

March 7, 2017