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Las embarazadas pueden sufrir gripes H1N1 más peligrosas tras el parto

Pregnant women could be at more risk of contracting hazardous H1N1 flu after delivery, says a new study, because their immune system levels are lower

March 9, 2017
El Economista

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Myanmar tracks spread of H1N1 as outbreak claims sixth victim

Six people have died in an outbreak of H1N1 influenza largely hitting Myanmar`s biggest city, Yangon, a health official, amid government efforts to track the spread of the virus. Most cases have been found in Yangon, but 10 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus earlier this month in Matupi, in the remote north-western state of Chin

July 27, 2017
Reuters, Myanmar-Now.org
July 28, 2017
Myanmar Times, dvb.no

Myanmar confirms two more cases of H1N1, H3N2 influenza

Myanmar health officials confirmed two new cases of influenza infections – H1N1 and H3N2 – as the country struggles to contain the new outbreak of the deadly virus that already claimed three lives. The Ministry of Health and Sports said that 20 patients were confirmed with Seasonal Influenza H1N1/A in Myanmar as of Wednesday and are now being treated in hospitals

July 27, 2017
Myanmar Times, Xinhuanet.com

Myanmar Asks WHO to Help Fight H1N1 Virus

Myanmar’s government requested help from the World Health Organization after the H1N1 influenza killed six out of 20 confirmed cases in the country, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports. The ministry sent an official report to the WHO, outlining its needs to help control the virus, said deputy director general of the Public Health Department Dr. Than Tun Aung. “We asked WHO to provide medication as well as vaccines and funds for medical services if possible. We also asked for diagnostic tools and preventative things. They will give us these, and they won’t neglect us,” he told The Irrawaddy

July 27, 2017
Irrawaddy Times
July 28, 2017

Swine Flu: 600 Deaths, Nearly 12,500 Cases So Far This Year, Says Government

As many as 600 people have died of swine flu in India so far this year, a more than two-fold rise in such deaths compared to last, the government said. Maharashtra alone accounted for almost 50 per cent of all deaths, Union Health Minister JP Nadda said. Gujarat recorded 75 deaths out of 289 infections, while in Kerala 63 out of 1,127 people succumbed to H1N1 complications

July 24, 2017
NDTV, Times of India

Flu menace: H1N1 claims 326 in Maharashtra

The H1N1 virus claimed 326 lives in Maharashtra from January 1 to July 17, with 29 people succumbing to swine flu in the last week alone. The state health department’s death analysis report states that women account for 60 per cent of the deceased, and most of them were in the age bracket of 25 to 30 years. According to the report, the women had a weak immune system. The analysis report for the city, however, said that men are more susceptible to the ailment as they move about more than women

July 22, 2017
Asian Age
July 21, 2017
Times of India

Swine flu returns: Why it is bigger, more dangerous now than in 2016

In India, Health Minister J P Nadda informed Rajya Sabha that 600 people had died of H1N1 infections until July 9 this year, nearly half of them — 284 — in Maharashtra. The death toll in the state so far this year is higher than the number of deaths from H1N1 in the whole country in 2016 — 265

July 20, 2017
Indian Express

Hyderabad: Alarm as swine flu comes to town

A 55-year-old man from Mahboobnagar has contracted swine flu and was rushed to Gandhi Hospital for treatment. Doctors at Gandhi Hospital said that the patient does not have any other co-morbid conditions and is undergoing treatment. Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital, Dr Shravan Kumar explained, “As the temperatures have come down the virus is active again and is affecting those whose immune systems are low”

July 12, 2017
Deccan Chronicle

Swine flu surge: 1 in every 5 tested for H1N1 virus positive

Every fifth person who underwent a test for H1N1 since April in Mumbai has tested positive for the virus. The wide footprint of swine flu becomes clearer given that only a fraction of H1N1 patients -those hospitalized or belonging to the high-risk groups -are being tested according to the government protocol. Data compiled by the BMC showed that of the 2,603 people tested for the infection since April, 484 were positive

July 11, 2017
Times of India

H1N1 cases in the state cross 1,000 mark

Thiruvananthapuram: Along with dengue threat, H1N1 cases have also been steadily increasing in the state. The number of H1N1 cases has crossed the 1,000-mark in the state in seven months claiming 63 lives. Experts say H1N1 has become rampant but remains under-documented

July 7, 2017
Times of India

This map shows how severe India’s swine flu outbreak is this year

One out of every 25 Indians who contracted H1N1 infections this year has died, according to data from the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme. India is witnessing a surge in swine flu cases this year with 11,752 people testing positive for H1N1 infections. Doctors have said that the burden of the disease might be even higher than the surveillance programme estimates since not all patients with symptoms of H1N1 submit to being tested

July 7, 2017
Scroll India

Swine flu evolves, Mumbai worried

With 313 new swine flu cases reported in June, Mumbai has now joined the ranks of cities such as Pune and Nashik, who have been waging a battle against the viral infection since January 2017. “Swine flu is no longer confined to the known high-risk group of diabetics, pregnant women, children and the elderly,” says Dr Om Srivastava, an infectious diseases expert. “There’s a change in the pattern of symptoms, too,” he says. “In many recent cases, the lungs are not affected at all, or are the last to be affected. The patient deteriorates quickly after that,” he adds

July 7, 2017
DNA India

Bolivia – Health department reports a higher number of H3N2 flu cases than expected

The Bolivian Health Ministry reported 2,695 cases of suspected flu, of which 660 were confirmed to be H3N2; 61, H1N1 and 129 of Type B

July 5, 2017
La Razon

No vaccine shield against Michigan strain

Though two cases of swine flu in Hyderabad have already tested positive for the mutated Michigan strain of the virus, the state health authorities do not have a single vial of the new vaccine required to fight the mutated virus. Of the 1,490 H1N1 positive cases detected in 2017, 20 were detected in the last month alone. This year there was an unusually high number of cases detected during the summer months, which raised suspicions about the virus having undergone mutation and spread across the southern state

July 4, 2017
Times of India, Times of India

H1N1 claims 260 deaths in Maharashtra, Health dept yet to procure vaccine: report

The H1N1 influenza virus has overtaken dengue and malaria to become the biggest killer among seasonal ailments in Maharashtra, claiming as many as 260 lives so far, with Pune witnessing the highest number of deaths – 62 – this year, a media report said. Despite the high occurrence of deaths, state authorities are yet to procure a vaccine against the new strain. This, despite a strong recommendation by the state committee earlier this year to prevent communicable diseases

June 28, 2017
India TV

‘Clean Kerala’ campaign: State government finally wakes up to over 100 fever deaths in 2017

More than 100 people have died of fever in 2017 alone, with official data from the Health Department revealing that around 14 lakh people were affected by communicable diseases this year. While 53 people have died of H1N1, there were 800 confirmed cases of swine flu. Data also showed that until June this year, there were 7,300 confirmed cases of dengue, with 13 people dying from the mosquito-borne disease. Health Department stats reveal there were 204,926 cases of Hepatitis A and B, and 295 cases of malaria. And while these numbers are only from government hospitals, the actual figures may be twice this, with a number of patients going to private hospitals in Kerala as well

June 27, 2017
The News Minute

H1N1 bigger killer than dengue and malaria in Maharashtra

The H1N1 influenza virus which entered the list of infectious diseases with a global pandemic in 2009, has overtaken dengue and malaria to become the biggest killer among seasonal ailments in Maharashtra. In the first half of 2017 alone, 247 people died of the airborne disease in Maharashtra, including 10 in Mumbai. Three deaths occurred in the last week, two of the victims being a pregnant woman and another a TB patient. Early diagnosis is becoming an issue with doctors waiting for test results. In H1N1, however, mortality could go up to 20% if treatment has not been started in the first five days, experts said

June 24, 2017
Times of India, India TV, Indian Express

Bird flu pandemic worse than 2009 swine flu outbreak could be on its way to Britain

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth urged the Government to say what measures it is taking to improve preparedness to deal with such an outbreak. Scientists fear a bird flu pandemic worse than the 2009 swine flu outbreak could be heading Britain’s way. More than 1,300 bird flu victims have been identified, mostly in China. Of those, 476 have died, a rate of more than one in three. There are also victims in Indonesia, Egypt and Vietnam, and two cases in Canada of people travelling from China

June 24, 2017
The Mirror, The Sun

92 Swine Flu patients found in Mumbai in a week, death toll climbs to 10

As many as 92 people were found to be H1N1 infected in the last week in Mumbai. This brings the number of total swine flu infected patients to 285 in 2017. Between 16 June to 22 June, 92 patients who were infected with H1N1 were admitted in different hospitals in Mumbai. Out of 285, 10 infected people have died. Six out of 68 H1N1 infected patients, brought from other cities to Mumbai for treatment, also lost their lives

June 24, 2017
Nagpur Today

No let-up in fever cases in Kerala

The fever situation in Kerala continues to be grave with more people falling prey to dengue and other fevers. As per official figures, one person died of leptospirosis in Kozhikode district and one died of dengue in Thiruvananthapuram district on Tuesday. The day also saw an increase in dengue cases with 933 suspected cases and 170 confirmed cases in the state. While 21,000 fever cases were reported, 31 people were reported to have leptospirosis. According to the DHS figures, 56 chicken pox, 15 H1N1 and six malaria cases were reported on Tuesday from across the state

June 21, 2017
New Indian Express

Spurt in H1N1, dengue cases in district

The number of both H1N1 and dengue fever cases has increased in Ernakulam compared to the last month’s figures. With the number of H1N1 cases already touching 51 this month with a death (of a pregnant woman at Pallarimangalam on Sunday), severity of the spread of the disease looks imminent. Dengue fever this month has already had 423 suspected cases and 66 confirmed cases. So far this year there were five H1N1 deaths in 164 cases. There were 1,208 suspected and 160 confirmed dengue cases in the district

June 20, 2017
The Hindu

Kochi declares war on mosquitoes after spurt in fever cases

Incessant rains have resulted in an increased number of fever cases in the state. So far, a total of 6,808 cases of dengue have been reported in Kerala. A total of 13 persons lost their lives. The number of fever cases reported is 11,624 among which 22 death cases were reported. 764 H1N1 cases were confirmed and of these 51 lost their lives while the total number of rat fever cases reported is 631 out of which seven have died in the State. Health experts warn that because of fluctuation in climate, the threat of contagious diseases will prevail for another couple of months

June 19, 2017
The New Indian Express
June 17, 2017
The Hindu
June 19, 2017
Scroll.in, The Indian Express

15 swine flu deaths, 63 positive cases this year

Though the numbers of deaths and positive cases have declined lately, swine flu continues to make its presence felt in Nagpur. As per the data of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, 15 deaths and 63 positive cases have been recorded since April this year. It means 2017-18 financial year has recorded the third highest number of deaths due to swine flu

June 18, 2017
The Times of india

H1N1 strikes Kerala ahead of monsoons, 36 people dead

Before the monsoon arrives in Kerala, viral infections are on a killing spree in the state. According to the Health Department statistics, 36 persons have died due to H1N1 infection this year. In 2016, there was only one death recorded from the state. But now the H1N1 influenza outbreak that is spreading across southern Indian states is not the only infection killing people of Kerala. Dengue, viral fever, jaundice and rat fever (leptospirosis) are also on the rise in the state

June 18, 2017
India Today

Six people rumoured to have Congo fever admitted in Bhavnagar

Six persons from Dambhalia village of Umrala taluka in Bhavnagar were admitted to the Sir T Hospital in Bhavnagar after they were suspected of having the Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) or Congo Fever. However, doctors at the hospital claim the six patients are suspected of having H1N1 (swine flu) and for now doctors have ruled out Congo Fever. Of the six persons admitted to the hospital from the same family, cluster and community, one may have dengue. They have undergone virology tests and the blood reports show that it is not CCHF. But a conclusive picture will emerge only after the reports come in later in the week

June 12, 2017
Ahmedabad Mirror

District in the grip of dengue fever

Ernakulam is in the grip of dengue fever as at least 25 to 30 cases are getting reported every day from various parts of the district. On Friday, 29 cases were reported taking the total number of cases this month to 203, and the number of cases from January to June 9 to 988. The spurt in diseases had started last month with intermittent pre-monsoon showers. Payipra had reported most number of dengue cases last month (335). “The number of cases has gone down there now,” said District Surveillance Officer Dr. Jayashree. In April, there were 156 cases. There is also an increase in the number of leptospirosis and acute diarrhoeal diseases. Hepatitis A and H1N1 cases are also being reported daily

June 10, 2017
The Hindu

Santé: la grippe H1N1 fait une cinquième victime

A 33 year old woman is the fifth person to die of an H1N1 virus infection on Mauritius. Since January, there have been 97 confirmed cases of H1N1 infection, with 24 people currently being treated in hospitals and private clinics. Since May 30th, there have been 81 new cases of H1N1 infection reported

June 8, 2017
June 10, 2017

Hepatitis A back to haunt Kalamassery again

Hepatitis A has returned to Kalamassery, even as the district is in the grip of a dengue outbreak which has seen 93 suspected cases reported in a month. There were a further four new cases of Hepatitis A in Kalamassery, making the total number of cases this month rise to 11, on top of the 77 Hepatitis cases reported in the district last month. Besides this, there is one case of leptospirosis and two fresh cases of H1N1

June 5, 2017
The Hindu

Dengue cases on rise in Ernakulam

The month of May has seen the maximum number of confirmed cases of dengue and leptospirosis this year. While 47 confirmed cases of dengue were reported in May, there were 17 cases of leptospirosis. In contrast, in May last year, Ernakulam registered 131 cases of dengue. Fever cases have gone up by 15,416 in May 2017. There are 18 confirmed cases of viral hepatitis, 108 cases of chicken pox and 53 cases of H1N1

June 1, 2017
Times of India

Changing patterns of this year’s swine flu outbreak has Indian health authorities flummoxed

India has recorded nearly 9,000 infections and 882 deaths caused by the H1N1 virus since January, leaving doctors, scientists and government authorities baffled at their inability to control the swine flu it causes. Maharashtra is the worst hit, followed by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Kerala. In Kerala there are guidelines to administer oseltamivir to patients in vulnerable groups with H1N1, in 15 out of the 40 H1N1 deaths reported in Kerala, patients did not receive oseltamivir. In the other cases the drug was administered at a much later stage of the infection

May 29, 2017
Scroll India

Swine Flu Claims 221 Lives In Maharashtra Since January; 58 In Pune Alone

Swine flu has claimed as many as 221 lives in Maharashtra so far this year with Pune accounting for more than a quarter of all the fatalities, local health officials told the press. During this period 15,003 patients exhibited swine flu like symptoms and were treated. Of these patients, 1,106 tested positive for the deadly virus

May 28, 2017
Hans India

3 new cases of diphtheria confirmed

Three new cases of diphtheria were confirmed in the district on Monday, while at the same time health authorities reported on three dengue cases and two H1N1 cases

May 23, 2017
The Hindu

40 deaths in Kerala due to H1N1 in 4 months

Forty people have died in Kerala due to H1N1 infections in the last four months, the local health minister told the media, adding since the beginning of January this year, 2,349 people have been screened for H1N1, out of which around 500 were found to be positive and 40 have died

May 22, 2017
Business Standard

Fever grips Kerala – 68 deaths reported – Thiruvananthapuram worst hit with 2,214 dengue cas...

Up to the middle of May this year 68 people in Kerala have died from dengue fever, according to data provided by the state health services. The number of fever cases reported were 9,549, among which were 1,173 from Thiruvananthapuram. A total of 332 dengue fever cases were also reported. Dengue cases from Thiruvananthapuram stood at 171

May 20, 2017
The News Minute, zeenews

Swine flu back in the city, 53 test positive

A city hospital has confirmed four swine flu-related deaths since January this year, with three of the four deaths recorded in April. In all, 53 people have tested positive for the H1N1 virus across Delhi and the surrounding areas up to May 5th this year, according to health authority data. But, the government has denied any swine flu related deaths in the capital

May 20, 2017
Sunday Guardian

Maharashtra government asks for 25,000 fresh doses of H1N1 vaccine from Centre

The state has asked for 25,000 fresh doses of the H1N1 vaccine from central government as the number of casualties from the viral influenza outbreak inches close to 200. Although the city is not as badly affected as other districts, it did record its second victim last week 

May 17, 2017
Times of India

Swine flu attack in Maharashtra: Second victim dies in Mumbai, patient toll reaches 196

Swine flu H1N1 claimed its second victim in Mumbai, while as many as 196 people have succumbed to the infection across the state so far in 2017, an official said. Civic health authorities said six cases of swine flu infection were reported this month in the city, while as many as 19 swine flu patients are currently on ventilators across the state

May 16, 2017
First Post

Mueren cinco personas en Bolivia por la gripe A

The Bolivian health authorities confirmed there were 455 cases of H3N2 at a national level and 38 cases of H1N1 and 58 influenza type B. They also confirmed at least five people had died from the current outbreak

May 15, 2017
Hoy en TV
May 13, 2017
May 14, 2017
Pagina Siete

More swine flu cases in 2017 than entire last year, but death rate lowest ever

There have been more swine flu cases and deaths in the first four months of 2017 in India than all of 2016. The number of cases year-on-year is five-fold higher than last year. There have been 8,648 confirmed cases and 345 deaths up to May 7th, compared to 1,786 cases and 265 deaths last year, according to the health ministry. Tamil Nadu accounts for close to one-third of the total swine flu cases and Maharashtra accounted for more than half the deaths nationwide. Gujarat is the worst hit state with one in four persons diagnosed with H1N1 dying

May 14, 2017
Hindustan Times

Maharashtra: 185 swine flu deaths in this year

Swine flu (H1N1) has claimed as many as 185 lives in Maharashtra so far this year, a government official said. The highest number of deaths were recorded in Pune (55), followed by Nashik (26)  

May 10, 2017
Indian Express

Karnataka: Rains unleash swine flu scare

In Karnataka the H1N1 death toll has risen to 15 with 1,985 people testing positive since January, compared with just 110 people last year and no deaths

May 8, 2017
Banglore Mirror
May 6, 2017
India Blooms

H1N1 claims 14th victim in Saurashtra

Swine flu claimed the life of a 52 year old man from Junagadh. He tested positive for H1N1 at the Rajkot Civil Hospital and died early Monday. Swine flu has claimed the lives of 14 people over the last two

May 3, 2017
Times of India

Swine flu claims 22 lives in Telangana since August last year

Twenty-two people have lost their lives in Telangana due to swine flu and related complications, since last August, the government told the media. As many as 10,232 samples have been tested for H1N1 and 1,146 tested positive for the virus

May 2, 2017
Indian Express

Kerala: Swine flu claims 23 lives in 2017, 300-400 cases recorded

H1N1 virus has seen a rise in the entire southern Indian region, a health officer for the region said. H1N1 has claimed 23 lives in Kerala so far in 2017, with the state recording higher incidence of the flu than in previous years. A total of 300-400 swine flu cases had been confirmed so far across the state. People suffering from diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular issues, cancer, HIV among others and pregnant women are considered to be the high risk or vulnerable groups, the health officer added

May 1, 2017
DNA India, Manorama Online, PTI News, Times of India
April 30, 2017
The Hindu

Districts on high alert

Health authorities in all the districts are at a state of alert to the threats posed by dengue and H1N1 and they have stepped up action to deal with a rise in cases

April 29, 2017
The Hindu

Over 1,500 Seek Treatment At IDH

The Sri Lankan press report that more than 1500 patients have sought treatment for fever-like symptoms at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Angoda over the past few days. 300 people have been admitted to hospital of which 200 are receiving treatment for dengue and 25 are being treated for H1N1

April 23, 2017
Sunday Leader Sri Lanka

H1N1 cases high in Ernakulam

The Deccan Chronicle reports that H1N1 cases are higher in Ernakulam this year, with 46 cases reported and 13 of these being confirmed in April. As many as 260 confirmed cases have been confirmed across the whole state and 17 people have died. The Deccan Chronicle says that ‘no special screening centres have been opened at hospitals and many existing centres are not functioning as they should. Tamiflu is not available in syrup form and paediatricians are having to prescribe capsules to children’

April 19, 2017
Deccan Chronicle

H1N1 victim’s relative tests positive, six others show symptoms of virus

In Malaysia, a family member of a pregnant woman who died from H1N1 influenza in Terengganu last week, has tested positive for the virus. The health director of the region said six other relatives are showing symptoms too, including fever, flu and cough

April 18, 2017
The Sun Daily, MIMS, New Straits Times

Swine flu claims 22 lives in Telangana since August

22 people have lost their lives due to swine flu and related complications in Telangana since August of last year, a stat bulletin on H1N1 said yesterday. As many as 9,614 samples had been tested since August last year to April 17 and 1,370 of them were found to be positive for the virus. To date, no deaths have been reported 

April 18, 2017
DNA India

Maharashtra reels under the onslaught of H1N1

With both day and night time temperatures across Maharashtra remaining volatile, the number of swine flu deaths in Pune has reached an alarming high of 33. Meanwhile, a further 18 patients are said to be critical. The death toll across the state has passed the 100 line and a further 190 cases have tested positive for the lethal virus. This is a fourfold increase in H1N1 deaths on the same period last year

April 13, 2017
The Hindu

H1N1 claimed 103 lives in Maharashtra so far this year

Swine flu (H1N1) has claimed more than 100 lives across Maharashtra this year, the state health department said. Up till April 11th, 103 people had died while 3700 people were diagnosed with H1N1 in civic hospitals across the state

April 12, 2017
Daily Post
April 11, 2017
Tribune India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express

Swine Flu deaths cross 100 in Maharashtra

The number of Swine Flu deaths in Maharashtra has crossed 100 this year and there is a rise in number of cases in March and April due to the scorching heat and prevailing conditions

April 10, 2017
Deccan Herald

85 swine flu deaths in Maharashtra in 2017, up from 25 in 2016

The number of H1N1 deaths has significantly increased on last year. A total of 85 deaths from H1N1 have been reported in the state since January, compared to 25 in 2016. Of the 410 H1N1 cases since January, most are from Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad

April 6, 2017
Hindustan Times
April 5, 2017
The Times of India

India recorded 160 deaths due to swine flu between January 1 and March 26, govt tells Lok Sabha

Between January 1st and March 26th 160 people in India died from swine flu (H1N1) out of the 6,202 confirmed cases, the minister of state for health said. The highest number of deaths were reported in Maharashtra (63), while Telangana posted 16 deaths. A year earlier 1,786 cases were reported and 265 people had died

March 31, 2017
The Times of India, Press Trust of India, Kuwait News Agency
April 1, 2017
Pune Mirror

H1N1 killed 854 in Gujarat last 5 years

Since 2012 swine flu has claimed at least five lives every eleven days in the state, with the peak being 2015, when 517 people lost their lives to the disease. This year there have already been nine deaths, six in Rajkot and three in Ahmedabad. Officials said 8,834 people tested positive for swine flu from 2012 to 2016, which is nearly five patients hospitalised with swine flu daily in the state

March 31, 2017
The Times of India

Swine flu cases from January to March ’17: 63 deaths in Maharashtra prompt minister to call re...

There has been a slight change in the pandemic virus H1N1 – an antigenic drift – according to the National Institute of Virology experts. This has been the reason for the rising number of cases and deaths across several Indian states since January this year. According to experts, from January to mid-March, there have been reportedly over 5,000 cases and more than 125 deaths with the southern and western states being largely affected

March 28, 2017
Indian Express, United News of India

Number of patients infected with H1N1 in Maldives rises to 176

The number of people testing positive for the H1N1 virus in the Maldives has risen to 176 statistics released by the health protection agency revealed 

March 24, 2017
Asia Pacific Daily

PCMC runs out of H1N1 vaccines

The Sakaal Times reports that municipal hospitals in Pimpri are running out of anti H1N1 vaccine, which is administered to pregnant women and patients with hypertension and diabetes. This has taken place against the backdrop of new swine flu deaths over the last two months

March 23, 2017
Sakal Times
March 24, 2017
Indian Express

Man dies of suspected H1N1, was treated at private hospital for 4 days

Man died of suspected swine flu in Chennai on Tuesday. As of mid-February Tamil Nadu had 1,020 recorded cases of H1N1 with Chennai, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur accounting for 25% of them. Around 25% of these confirmed cases were recorded and described as due to overcrowding and a floating population, officials said. In Kota, a 23-year old pregnant woman died while undergoing treatment at a government run hospital, she tested positive for swine flu

March 22, 2017
Times of India
March 21, 2017

Two new swine flu cases detected in city

The number of H1N1 virus infected cases in Nagpur has risen to 16, with two more patients testing positive for swine flu. Karnataka also reported that H1N1 seems to spreading rapidly across the state, with cases increasing nearly sharply this year, compared to figures for the whole of last year. Six more people have also tested positive for swine flu from Rajasthan, with three cases in Jaipur, which makes eight cases since January in the city

March 18, 2017
Times of India
March 17, 2017
The Hindu
March 18, 2017
Times of India

H1N1 claims fifth victim in Rajkot since January

H1N1 swine flu claimed another life in a village on the outskirts of Rajkot, taking the death toll due to H1N1 virus to five in the city since January. Sagar Taluk in Karnataka, is reeling under the outbreak of 42 positive cases of H1N1, with 11 reported in just the last week 

March 10, 2017
Times of India
March 9, 2017
Business Standard, Times of India
March 10, 2017
The Hindu

Over 120 cases of suspected H1N1 reported in Mysuru

There have been over 120 cases of suspected H1N1 in Mysuru. Serbia and Slovenia reported their first H5N5 avian flu outbreaks. The Czech Republic reported its first H5N5 outbreak, as H5N8 also turned up in Cameroon. Proplanta Germany reported that ‘more than a million animals have been culled due to avian flu.’ The toll of H1N1 cases in Karnataka has reached 618, with 7 deaths so far in 2017. In India, H1N1 samples being sent to IPM for analysis are being poorly packed and local officials have expressed alarm

March 3, 2017
The Hindu
March 1, 2017
February 15, 2017
March 2, 2017
March 6, 2017
March 3, 2017
New Indian Express

Swine flu does not seem to be under control in Coimbatore

The number of swine flu cases in Coimbatore is fluctuating each day but it does not seem to be under control as yet. Officially there has only been three deaths from swine flu, but, sources in the health department say there has been more than 15 deaths that have been under reported in the city

March 2, 2017
Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Chronicle

27 fresh cases of swine flu reported in Telangana

Twenty seven fresh cases of swine flu were reported in Telangana, where 21 people have died due to the H1N1 virus and other complications since last year  

March 1, 2017
Press Trust of India

Swine flu infects 44, claims 10 lives in Maharashtra

Swine flu has claimed 10 lives while it has infected 44 people in Maharashtra, so far this year, officials form the state health authority told The Times of India 

March 1, 2017
Times of India

Health systems

Restrictions on sale of swine flu drugs lifted partially

The India Food and Drug Administration has sent out a circular alerting chemists that antiviral drugs Oseltamivir and Zanamivir have been withdrawn from Schedule X and moved to the far less stringent Schedule H1. Available under several brand names, both drugs are prescribed to H1N1 patients

July 7, 2017
The Hindu
July 3, 2017
Hindustan Times

Doctors and staffers handling swine-flu cases at the Nagpur GMCH hospital are facing the threat ...

Doctors and staffers handling swine-flu cases at the Nagpur GMCH hospital are facing the threat of the H1N1 virus as none of them have been provided with swine flu vaccines. Every year doctors in the risky environment put themselves at high risk and the Times of India reports this hospital sees two to three of them get infected with TB on average each year

April 25, 2017
Times of India

No need to panic, enough medicine available: Health Minister

With Tamil Nadu reporting an increasing number of people contracting H1N1 virus, health minister, C Vijayabhaskar said ‘the situation in the state is under control and there is an adequate supply of Tamiflu tablets and vaccine’ 

March 2, 2017
Deccan Chronicle

Communicable diseases

Govt lacks tools to stem virus infection cases: Health officials

At a time when viruses like the H1N1, malaria, influenza and dengue are on the rise, the Mumbai government is lacking the tools to combat them and is yet to design a vaccination plan to fight them. Health officials have also said that there is no proper awareness campaign in place either to educate people about the spread and effect of these deadly viruses, which is on the rise in the city due to temperature fluctuations brought by intermittent rainfall. Officials said viral infections have claimed nearly 2,500 lives in the state, most as a result of dengue and malaria. Viral infections are now proliferating in addition to tuberculosis (TB) and AIDS in the state’s list of top contagious killer diseases, they added

June 25, 2017
Asian Age

Many U.S. daycare centers may lack plans for pandemic flu

Fewer that one in 10 US day care centre directors have taken concrete steps to prepare for a pandemic flu outbreak, a recent study suggests. Pandemic influenza is different from seasonal influenza. It is a novel virus which transmits from person to person and to which most of the world’s population has no immunity

May 15, 2017

Why Chinese scientists are more worried than ever about bird flu

Chinese scientists are more worried about bird flu now than ever before. In an interview with Guan Yi, director of Hong Kong University’s virology lab, he explained how his work studying the evolution of avian influenza has led him to conclude H7N9 is more lethal than it was ten years ago, now it can kill chickens in a day. The virus is mutating fast and in rare cases where humans catch it, a third of them die. He fears a global pandemic and says preventing it depends on how well the governments of individual countries collaborate

April 12, 2017

Swine flu scare in the summer? Researchers discover new strain in India as H1N1 cases continue t...

Researchers from the National Institute of Virology in Pune identified a new strain of swine flu which has been circulating in India since September 2016, called the Michigan strain. This strain was identified in Hyderabad and other parts of India. The ICMR says they will be recommending new vaccine for this flu season as the existing flu vaccine may be ineffective against the new strain. At the same time, a prevalence of swine flu during India’s summer is also a cause of concern as the virus may be becoming increasingly tolerant to heat, ICMR says it is monitoring the situation closely. So far, more than 5,000 people have tested positive for swine flu infection and over 100 people have died this year across India

April 11, 2017

Researchers discover new Swine Flu strain in India, govt working on vaccine

Earlier this year, Indian researchers discovered a new strain of the H1N1 virus called the Michigan strain, which they isolated from samples in Maharashtra. The Indian Council of Medical Research is going to decide upon a new vaccine for the coming flu season as some fear what is being used at the moment may be ineffective against the new strain   

April 5, 2017
Hindustan Times

Waterborne diseases on the rise

Waterborne diseases appear to be on the rise in Ahmedabad. According to the weekly health report from AMC, five cases of cholera were reported in civic-run hospitals in the city. Last week, 287 cases of waterborne diseases were reported, of these, 186 cases of vomiting and diarrhoea, 39 of jaundice, 70 cases of typhoid and two cases of cholera. Two fresh cases of swine flu have also been reported

March 28, 2017
Times of India, Nyoooz