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World Immunization Week: Vaccines No.1 Public Health Tool

Dr David Nabarro is quoted in an article on vaccines as the No1 public health tool, as part of World Immunization Week 

April 23, 2017
Voice of America, Cantech Letter

Promoting health through the life course

‘Low immunisation behind high infant mortality rate’

Pakistan has the highest infant mortality rate in South Asia because of the low rate of immunization and vaccination coverage. With about 56% of the country covered, almost half the children in the country are simply not immunized, according to an expert from the Pakistan Paediatric Association

April 30, 2017
Dawn, News International, Nation, Business Recorder
April 29, 2017
Pakistan Today

Health systems

Half of children born in Ho are not immunised – Dr. Djokoto

Dr Djokoto, Municipal Director of the Ghana Health Services, said although diseases such as polio and measles have been eradicated, the Ho Municipal authorities were sitting on a health time bomb and risked seeing outbreaks once again due to negligence. He said vaccinations were vital in warding off diseases and charged local health authorities to take the immunisation programme seriously and improve public sensitization of health risks

May 2, 2017
News Ghana

Communicable diseases

1 in 10 Babies Received No Vaccinations in 2016

Nearly one in 10 infants worldwide, or 12.9 million, received no vaccinations in 2016, the WHO said. Those infants missed the critical first dose of the triple vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. An additional 6.6 million infants who received the first dose didn`t receive the other two doses in the three-dose series last year. "Since 2010, the percentage of children who received their full course of routine immunizations has stalled at 86 percent, with no significant changes in any countries or regions during the past year," WHO said. "This falls short of the global immunization coverage target of 90 percent"

July 17, 2017
VOA News.com, Newsweek, CIDRAP

Vaccines may be the way forward for malaria eradication in India

Dr Dharminder Nagar, MD of Paras Healthcare, writes an opinion article for Business Standard in which he outlines a 5-point agenda to take immunization programmes across India to the next level

May 23, 2017
Business Standard