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Exclusive: Priti Patel insists UK's aid influence is 'massive'

Britain’s foreign aid minister, Priti Patel, has told the Guardian she is fed up with the myth that all she does is sit at her desk “writing cheques to North Korea”, in her most robust response yet to critics of the foreign aid budget. Patel said it was UK investment in “resilience” and the early lead taken by Department for International Development which put £110m into Somalia in January and persuaded the World Bank to add another £40m – which had kept the death rate down

June 18, 2017
The Guardian

Health systems

President Trump, Meet This 2-Year-Old

The New York Times’ Nick Kristof looks at the consequences of President Trump’s proposed cuts to international aid on a visit to Liberia where he meets a small child sick with malaria and who has suffered the consequences of counterfeit medicine firsthand. He also learns about the horrors of 14 year old girls attempting to self-abort and causing themselves untold damage as the price of healthcare and access to it, were beyond them

June 24, 2017
New York Times

Aid agencies accuse Nepal government of hampering their work

International aid agencies in Nepal say the government is hampering their work. Their projects face lengthy delays and they have to pay the government hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them approved. “When you have an environment that is opaque, it is a lot easier for bureaucrats who want to abuse the system to do so” said one NGO director speaking on condition of anonymity

April 19, 2017
The Guardian

23 dead in South Darfur camps lacking medicines

More than twenty people died of an unknown disease in Otash and Lama camps near Nyala in the past two weeks, most of the victims were women or children. Dabanga Sudan reported that many patients have been transferred to Nyala Teaching Hospital because of a lack of medicines and treatment at the camps’ health centres. They cited community leaders as appealing to the international community and aid agencies to provide medicines for the camps

April 7, 2017
Dabanga Sudan
April 11, 2017
Sens 360

Zambia fears health programs will suffer under Donald Trump's proposal to cut foreign aid

Critical programs across Africa will be impacted  by significant foreign aid cuts proposed by the Trump administration, Zambia warned. A White House blueprint calling for a 28% cut in State Department funding, means drastic reductions in funding to UN agencies with knock on effects around the world; the country’s vice president said a range of health programs involving maternal health, HIV/AIDS and malaria eradication could well be impacted

March 28, 2017

When the U.S. funds global health, other countries do too

Research by a Tennessee professor shows that whenever the U.S. steps up and plays a lead role in funding global health programme this has a knock-on effect and other countries follow suit. It also helps promote increased governmental legitimacy in the developing world and moves their focus more onto diseases which are rising and whose growth would impact upon a developing country’s own budget

March 21, 2017
Washington Post

Communicable diseases

Drought and War Heighten Threat of Not Just 1 Famine, but 4

The New York Times speaks about ‘another famine tightening its grip on Somalia, but, there also being a real danger that four famines could occur at almost the same time in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen which will endanger more than 20m lives. Finding enough food is only a part of the solution, so water, sanitation, water treatment tablets and hygiene are becoming critical to prevent the large-scale outbreaks of disease from turning from serious to catastrophic in just a small space of time

March 27, 2017
New York Times
March 25, 2017
Asharq Al-Awsat
March 23, 2017
Pulse Nigeria, LA Times