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Study to identify genetic risk of kidney diseases

A study to determine the genetic risk of kidney diseases caused by diabetes is currently under way. The results could help doctors screen patients more effectively and give them early treatment. The $25 million research study is the latest programme to be funded under the health and biomedical sciences domain of the $19 billion Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2020 plan. It aims to determine the underlying genes and process of how kidney diseases caused by diabetes develop

July 22, 2017
Straits Times

Cause of kidney disease in Narsinghpur still a mystery

Since 2010, hundreds of people in Badamba and Narsighpur blocks have lost their lives due to kidney diseases while a thousand others are suffering from acute renal problem in the region, but the reason behind the outbreak of the disease still remains a mystery. Since 2013, over 900 kidney patients have been traced out in Narsinghpur alone. However, the administration is yet to do any survey to find out the exact number of patients suffering from kidney disease in the region

July 14, 2017
Times of India

New Study Deepens Understanding of HIV–Kidney Disease Link

Although advances in HIV treatment mean many people with the condition can achieve viral suppression and display no outward signs of illness, HIV is not a benign condition. Kidney disease is common in individuals with HIV, with about 30% of those infected experiencing it. A new Dutch study sheds further light on the relationship between HIV and kidney impairment, highlighting the particular risks faced by the middle-aged and older HIV-positive population

July 13, 2017
Contagion Live

Move to check kidney diseases in Cuttack

Following 391 deaths due to renal failure in the last 11 years, the Odisha state government has swung into action to prevent people falling prey to kidney ailments in Narasinghpur and Badama blocks of Cuttack district. According to health department statistics, 1,187 people in 163 villages have been affected by kidney disease since 2006, while 366 have succumbed to it, 821 are undergoing treatment. The health minister said three dialysis machines will be provided and three semi-auto analysers to test blood and urine of suspected patients would be made available

May 26, 2017
New Indian Express

Expanding dialysis facilities at affordable cost

Bangladesh medical experts discussed the high costs kidney patients have to pay for haemodialysis and how for many unable to afford it, impaired kidneys is a death sentence, a silent killer. The number of kidney patients in the country is now estimated at 20m and 15,000 to 20,000 of them experience renal failure every year. At least 70% of these patients with renal impairment need dialysis therapy for their survival

May 12, 2017
Financial Express

Is liver disease the next major lifestyle disease of India after diabetes and blood pressure?

Commonly caused by Hepatitis B and C, the most common causes of liver disease can now be called alcohol and other obesity related disorders. There has also been a paradigm shift in the dynamics of liver cirrhosis with about hundreds of thousands of new patients diagnosed with it in India every year

April 11, 2017
Times of India

Obesity contributes to health problems in Zambia

Radio France International reports on how Zambian health authorities have found that increased obesity in parts of the country is contributing to a sharp rise in non-communicable disease problems which are harming people’s

April 10, 2017
Radio France International

Low ammonium levels in urine may indicate serious risks for kidney disease patients

New research indicates that measuring ammonium excretion in the urine may be a help in identifying patients with chronic kidney disease who face serious health risks

April 6, 2017
Eureka Alert
April 7, 2017
ProKerala, DNA India

What a relief: cutting salt avoids toilet trips

Reducing salt significantly decreases the need to make night trips to the lavatory, research indicates. Nocturia affects more than half of the over-50s and leaves them feeling fatigued and irritable in the morning. Japanese researchers now believe it can be resolved with a minor dietary adjustment

March 27, 2017
The Times
March 26, 2017

Nigeria: Kidney Patients Battling for Their Lives in Sokoto

About 10% of Nigeria’s population has some form of kidney disease, but only 2% were in hospital for diagnosis or treatment. Only a maximum of 100,000 out of two millions Nigerians with the problem are on dialysis while the rest are battling to survive because they cannot afford it

March 25, 2017
allafrica.com, Daily Trust

Experts Say Chronic Kidney Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa on Rise

Amid rapid urbanization, the HIV epidemic and increasing rates on NCDs people in sub-Saharan Africa are especially vulnerable to kidney disease. With CKD on the rise across the continent many are liable to die each year simply due to lack of access to affordable treatment

March 15, 2017
Voice of America
March 13, 2017
Guardian Nigeria

Cost of kidney dialysis poses ethical dilemma in sub-Saharan Africa

Up to a quarter of all adults in sub-Saharan Africa suffer from chronic kidney disease and only a small fraction ever reach a dialysis treatment centre, a new study has found. Of those who did begin dialysis, they usually quit within two weeks because they cannot afford to continue, and 88% of those died, the research found

March 10, 2017

World Kidney Day: Chronic kidney diseases on rise in sub urban India

Kidney diseases are rapidly increasing globally and reaching epidemic proportions. In the absence of a renal registry in India, the real extent of CKD is unknown, but with the rising prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in the country the prevalence of CKD is expected to increase

March 9, 2017
New Kerala

SA in crisis regarding kidney disease: Expert

South African experts say that the country is in crisis regarding kidney disease. Research says that 10-15% of people have some form of kidney disease, but only 240-250 transplants are carried out each year in the country’s hospitals, with 9,000 people currently on renal dialysis

March 9, 2017

Scientists uncover genetic clues to rare kidney disease

A new study has identified genetic clues to understanding the cause of the rare kidney disease IgA nephropathy, or Berger’s disease

March 6, 2017
UPI, Science Daily, EurekaAlert
March 7, 2017
Daily Nation

Kidney disease's genetic clues are uncovered

Genetic Markers for Kidney Disease uncovered in new study

March 6, 2017
Science Daily, EurekaAlert
March 7, 2017

Medical experts warn of link between obesity and kidney disease

A new study reported that there is a strong link between obesity and kidney disease. Individuals with a low number of nephrons are the most susceptible to a change in the blood flow in the kidney due to obesity. Obesity hampers a child’s development and quality of life leading to secondary complications such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

March 5, 2017
New Straits Times

Health systems

Silent killer 'kidney disease' is striking 9 out of every 100 Malaysian, yet we lack doctors, me...

The writer highlights the growing burden in Malaysia with approximately 40,000 kidney dialysis patients at critical fourth or fifth stage of the disease and the numbers predicted to rise to 106,249 by 2040, based on recent research

April 10, 2017
Malaysian Digest