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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Aumentan a 529 los casos confirmados de dengue en Lambayeque

The number of confirmed dengue cases in Lambayeque increased to 529, those most affected are stay-at-home mothers and children under 10 years old. The districts most affected are Chiclayo, La Victoria, Tuman and Jose Leonardo Ortiz

April 24, 2017
RPP Noticias

Doce fallecidos y 4,058 afectados por dengue

The Peruvian National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) reports that 12 people have died from dengue and 4,058 people have contracted the disease as a result of heavy rains and floods. Five died in Piura, two in Loreto, two in Lambayeque, one in Ayacucho, one in Cusco and another in Tumbes. Of the 4,058 confirmed cases of dengue, 868 were in Piura, 667 in La Libertad and 397 in Lambayeque – the three regions most affected. There have been 175 cases of zika, of these 139 were recorded in the Loreto region, 33 in Ica, two in Ucayali and one in San Martin

April 22, 2017
April 21, 2017

Declaran en alerta a 18 centros de salud de Chiclayo por casos de dengue

A state of high alert has been declared by Peruvian health officials at 18 medical centres in Chiclayo in the face of a dengue outbreak. Regional authorities in Lambayeque said it is a necessary measure to reinforce health controls to combat the disease and said there were 22 cases of dengue in Chiclayo alone. In the Tuman district in the province of Chiclayo there were 322 confirmed cases and two people have died from dengue so far this year

April 18, 2017
RPP Noticias, Diario Correo
April 19, 2017
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Alerta por 500 probables casos de dengue en Tumán

The regional health expert for Lambayeque said the authorities are doubling down on their effort to fumigate and clean-up the Chiclayano district of Tuman, where some 288 confirmed cases of Dengue have occurred, and where there are another more than 500 likely cases classified as probable for now. He said there has been a notable jump in the number of cases over the last fortnight

April 5, 2017
RPP Noticias, RPP Noticias

Lambayeque: Salud confirmó primera víctima mortal del dengue

A 49 year old Peruvian woman died as a result of catching dengue shortly after the intense rains recently hit the region. The region has seen 182 cases so far, with dengue present in Patapo, Chiclayo, Motupe, Jayanca and Illimo districts. Peruvian health authorities also confirmed the sharp jump in dengue cases in Ica, a rise of 103 cases to 210 from a week ago

March 21, 2017
La Republica, El Comercio, Diario Correo, RPP Noticias
March 22, 2017
Chimbote en Linea

Reportan 180 casos de dengue mientras se investiga muerte de una persona

The Lambayeque region of Peru saw a jump of 180 cases of dengue fever, with 160 in the district of Tuman, which has failed to get the outbreak under control in partly due to the intense rain Peru has been suffering from  

March 18, 2017
RPP Noticias
March 19, 2017
El Comercio