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WHO: Lassa fever outbreak response remains ongoing, mitigation measures to continue

An outbreak of Lassa fever has recently been reported by officials from the World Health Organization in multiple West African nations including Nigeria. As of last month, a total of 501 suspected cases have been reported, 104 of which resulted in the deaths of the patient involved. In the remaining reported cases, 189 have been further classified by public health officials and 175 have been laboratory confirmed as Lassa infected. Seventeen Nigerian states have reported at least one confirmed case

July 12, 2017
Homeland Preparedness News

NYSC Corps Member Dies Of Lassa Fever In Cross River

Nigerian health authorities are reporting a death from Lassa Fever in the Cross River region and state they are taking action to control any spread

May 13, 2017
Nigeria Today, Tribune Online
May 14, 2017

Nigeria Lassa outbreak death toll now 68

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control reports that there have been 68 fatalities due to Lassa fever, since the outbreak began mid-December, through to the end of April. Lassa is still active in nine states: Bauchi, Ondo, Edo, Taraba, Nasaraw, Kaduna, Mano, Kogi and Enugu

May 2, 2017
Outbreak News Today, IOL

8 die of suspected Lassa fever in Kano

There has been a confirmed case of Lassa Fever in Kogi state. Kano has recorded 22 cases of meningitis and two fresh cases of Lassa fever. The Sierra Leone press reported that Lassa Fever outbreaks have been confirmed across five west African countries including Nigeria, Benin, Sierra Leone, Togo and Burkina Faso

March 30, 2017
Daily Trust
March 31, 2017
New Telegraph Online
April 2, 2017
Tribune Online, The Eagle
April 1, 2017
XYZ News, The Guardian Nigeria
April 3, 2017
Daily Post
March 30, 2017

Lassa fever breaks out in Borno after 48 years

Borno State, in north-eastern Nigeria, reports a first Lassa Fever outbreak in almost 48 years, with 20 people quarantined. MSF’s medical director said ‘there are dramatic gaps in healthcare’ whilst commenting on the displacement and violence in the area

March 3, 2017
Nigerian Pilot
July 3, 2017
Naija Loaded
February 27, 2017
Medicine Sans Frontieres

Lassa fever: 3 persons on admission in Bauchi

Four out of the five reported Lassa Fever cases in 2017 resulted in death. Now Bauchi’s main teaching hospital has identified a shortage of drugs and other needed equipment as being some of the remaining impediments hindering any successful treatment of the disease in the state

February 28, 2017
Daily Trust
March 1, 2017
Nigerian Pilot
February 25, 2017
Africa News

Communicable diseases

Era of self medication for fever is gone

Era of self medication for fever is gone given all the state is now currently facing

March 28, 2017
Vanguard Nigeria, Economic Times