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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Nigeria ‘records 4,000 untreated cases of leprosy annually’

No fewer than 4,000 new untreated leprosy cases are being recorded annually in Nigeria, mainly from the poverty-ravaged communities, the Leprosy Mission, Nigeria (TLMN) has said, Kabir Umar, the Deputy Coordinator, Sokoto State Tuberculosis and Malaria Control Programme, said no fewer than 160 new leprosy cases were recorded in the state from 2016 to date. Mr. Umar said that 92 of the cases were identified in Kebbe, Gudu and Rabah Local Government Areas during separate case finding missions conducted in 2016. ”The remaining 68 cases were reported from January 2017 to date,” the official said

June 7, 2017
Premium Times Nigeria

Gombe recorded 40 cases of leprosy in 2016

The Gombe State Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control unit told the Nigerian press that there have been 40 fresh cases of leprosy recorded in the Gombe area during 2016. Of these 40 cases, 12 were children, which means there was still likely to be ongoing infection within the community. Efforts are being made to trace down the source and health authorities urged care

April 5, 2017
Information Nigeria, Info Stride, Nigeria Today

Rivers Has Estimated 23,199 Tuberculosis Cases – Director

Rivers State had an estimated 23,199 cases of tuberculosis during 2015, according to health authorities. In that year ,no more than about 10% of all of these cases were detected officially, meaning there are huge numbers of cases hidden in communities. The main concerns held by health experts are; low community awareness of the disease, non-adherence to treatment leading to drug resistance and the poor approach of some health workers tasked with TB control

March 15, 2017
Sundiata Post

Health systems

SPECIAL REPORT: Leprosy patients, care givers tremble as key donor pulls out of Nigeria

Premium Times Nigeria reports on Dutch NGO, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief, and its decision to pull out of the country and close down its leprosy work, on which leprosy sufferers in the story depend. NLR admitted that its income has fallen sharply, as donors have given less in recent years. So, it has been forced to take the decision to scale-down its work to only five countries and close up in Nigeria and Vietnam

March 18, 2017
Premium Times

Communicable diseases

TB eradication by 2025 unrealistic, says ICMR's Dr Soumya Swaminathan

DNA India interviews Dr Soumya Swaminathan about prospects for healthcare in India over the next few years. She says “TB eradication in India by 2025 is unrealistic,” but she does feel “it is possible to eliminate leprosy by 2018”

May 1, 2017
DNA India

Amid WHO praise for tackling tropical disease, concern over rise in leprosy

While India earned an honourable mention in a new WHO report on neglected tropical diseases (NTD), it is also one of the handful of countries around the world that have shown an increase in leprosy cases. The number of leprosy cases in India went up from 125,786 to 127,326 between 2014 and 2015 

April 20, 2017
Indian Express

India topped the global list for reporting new cases of leprosy in 2015 at 60% of all cases

Recent analysis of a WHO report into leprosy for 2015 shows that India accounted for 60% of the new global cases reported that year by 136 countries

April 12, 2017
Deccan Chronicle, Asian Age