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Preparedness, surveillance and response

No let-up in fever cases in Kerala

The fever situation in Kerala continues to be grave with more people falling prey to dengue and other fevers. As per official figures, one person died of leptospirosis in Kozhikode district and one died of dengue in Thiruvananthapuram district on Tuesday. The day also saw an increase in dengue cases with 933 suspected cases and 170 confirmed cases in the state. While 21,000 fever cases were reported, 31 people were reported to have leptospirosis. According to the DHS figures, 56 chicken pox, 15 H1N1 and six malaria cases were reported on Tuesday from across the state

June 21, 2017
New Indian Express

H1N1 strikes Kerala ahead of monsoons, 36 people dead

Before the monsoon arrives in Kerala, viral infections are on a killing spree in the state. According to the Health Department statistics, 36 persons have died due to H1N1 infection this year. In 2016, there was only one death recorded from the state. But now the H1N1 influenza outbreak that is spreading across southern Indian states is not the only infection killing people of Kerala. Dengue, viral fever, jaundice and rat fever (leptospirosis) are also on the rise in the state

June 18, 2017
India Today

District in the grip of dengue fever

Ernakulam is in the grip of dengue fever as at least 25 to 30 cases are getting reported every day from various parts of the district. On Friday, 29 cases were reported taking the total number of cases this month to 203, and the number of cases from January to June 9 to 988. The spurt in diseases had started last month with intermittent pre-monsoon showers. Payipra had reported most number of dengue cases last month (335). “The number of cases has gone down there now,” said District Surveillance Officer Dr. Jayashree. In April, there were 156 cases. There is also an increase in the number of leptospirosis and acute diarrhoeal diseases. Hepatitis A and H1N1 cases are also being reported daily

June 10, 2017
The Hindu

Hepatitis A back to haunt Kalamassery again

Hepatitis A has returned to Kalamassery, even as the district is in the grip of a dengue outbreak which has seen 93 suspected cases reported in a month. There were a further four new cases of Hepatitis A in Kalamassery, making the total number of cases this month rise to 11, on top of the 77 Hepatitis cases reported in the district last month. Besides this, there is one case of leptospirosis and two fresh cases of H1N1

June 5, 2017
The Hindu

Dengue cases on rise in Ernakulam

The month of May has seen the maximum number of confirmed cases of dengue and leptospirosis this year. While 47 confirmed cases of dengue were reported in May, there were 17 cases of leptospirosis. In contrast, in May last year, Ernakulam registered 131 cases of dengue. Fever cases have gone up by 15,416 in May 2017. There are 18 confirmed cases of viral hepatitis, 108 cases of chicken pox and 53 cases of H1N1

June 1, 2017
Times of India

20 personas han muerto en República Dominicana este año por leptospirosis

This is 13 more than during the same period last year. In the first three months 200 cases were reported, compared with 100 cases a year earlier, according to the health ministry

April 28, 2017
Clarin, Terra