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Indonesian tobacco bill would open tap for ads aimed at kids, health official says

A proposed Indonesian tobacco law will roll back regulations to discourage smoking in a country that already has one of the highest smoking rates in the world and additionally open the floodgates to advertising aimed at teenagers, a health ministry official said. If the bill is passed companies will no longer have to put grim pictures on cigarette packs of lung cancer or other diseases linked to smoking

June 1, 2017

Cigarette taxes touted by WHO as one of the best ways to cut smoking

Tobacco taxes are one of the most effective ways to cut smoking rates, and one that countries are failing to take full advantage of, WHO said, adding, more than 7.2m people die from tobacco related diseases each year, with 80% of them living in low and middle income countries. Imposing an 80% price increase per pack globally could generate an additional $141bn, which would offset to some small degree some of the costs incurred treating people with smoking-related diseases each year

May 30, 2017
June 3, 2017
Business Ghana

World No Tobacco Day: Smoking robs your wallet, health – Cansa

Cansa South Africa said over 20% of cancer deaths worldwide are due to tobacco and that cigarettes cause over 18 types of cancer. It is not just the smoker who increases the risk of disease, but also people exposed to second hand smoke. Cansa said ‘the tobacco industry produces and markets products that kill millions prematurely. It robs household finances of cash that could have been used for food and education and imposes healthcare costs on families, communities and countries"

May 22, 2017
Boksburg Advertiser

Smoking 'Light' cigarettes may increase lung cancer risk

A new study indicates that smokers using ‘light cigarettes,` for their lower levels of tar or nicotine, need think again. They are at an increased risk of developing a certain form of lung cancer that develops deep in the lungs, adenocarcinoma. The claims by cigarette manufacturers that they are safer are just plain wrong, as the holes in the cigarette filters mean smokers inhale more smoke

May 22, 2017
Business Standard

Main Causes of Mortality in Tehran

A new study by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, drew up a list of the 10 leading causes of death in Tehran and two of its major counties. According to the study, which examined all causes of death under the age of 70 last winter, heart attacks, diabetes and strokes were the top three causes of mortality in Tehran, Rey and Eslamshahr. It went on to add that across the country, 95,000 people lose their lives prematurely each year through cardiovascular disease, 35,000 are under the age of 55, although many cases could be prevented though measures such as healthier lifestyle, timely check-ups and physical exercise

May 3, 2017
Financial Tribune

‘8 million Nigerians risk death from smoking’

About 8m Nigerians are estimated to be at risk of dying from smoking by 2030, the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) warned. Citing WHO statistics and the Nigerian Global Adult Tobacco Survey, they lamented the poor enforcement of the existing Tobacco Control Act 2015 and expressed fear over the growing number of young people taking to smoking  

April 24, 2017
Nigerian Tribune

Global smoking deaths up by 5% since 1990 - study

The percentage of men and women who use tobacco every day has dropped in most nations since 1990, but the total number of smokers and tobacco-related deaths has increased, a consortium of researchers reported. Mortality could rise even higher as tobacco companies aggressively target new markets, particularly in the developing world they warned in a report published in The Lancet

April 5, 2017
Yahoo News Singapore, The Guardian
April 6, 2017
Indian Express

Betting on the first disease to be treated by gene editing

Anticipating when CRISPR gene editing technology could be used to develop a cure for a myriad of possible diseases is difficult to assess. There are not only technical hurdles, but also ethical ones – such as gene editing in embryos to prevent diseases such as Huntington’s and Tay-Sachs. Even so, the race is on CNBC reports

March 15, 2017

Gene activity in the nose may signal lung cancer

Genetic changes in the cells lining the inside the nose might someday help doctors to diagnose lung cancer, a recent study suggests

March 7, 2017