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Promoting health through the life course

Bangladesh cuts red tape to bring home girls sex trafficked to India

Mosharaf Hossain, head of the consular section of the Bangladesh High Commission, has sent about 438 Bangladeshi girls trafficked to India for the sex industry home, nearly half of them in the last six months and most from Maharashtra, India`s second most populous state and a major destination for trafficked girls. "The process has only got smoother now as High Commission officials are taking interest," said Jyoti Nale, programme director for Save the Children India, which works with the Maharashtra government to repatriate girls

July 13, 2017

Deadly protests in India highlight despair of poor landless farmers

The killing of five farmers in clashes with police in central India exposes the plight of landless peasants struggling to pay back debt with meagre earnings from lower produce prices, activists say. Low prices for produce such as lentils and cereals amid a glut in supply have triggered protests by farmers in central Madhya Pradesh state and neighbouring Maharashtra, where officials have said they will waive loans of some defaulting farmers. But the waivers will only benefit farmers who own land and do not address the main reasons for farmers` distress including landlessness and the small size of holdings, said Kishor Tiwari, head of a committee set up by the Maharashtra government to address farmers` issues

June 9, 2017

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Flu menace: H1N1 claims 326 in Maharashtra

The H1N1 virus claimed 326 lives in Maharashtra from January 1 to July 17, with 29 people succumbing to swine flu in the last week alone. The state health department’s death analysis report states that women account for 60 per cent of the deceased, and most of them were in the age bracket of 25 to 30 years. According to the report, the women had a weak immune system. The analysis report for the city, however, said that men are more susceptible to the ailment as they move about more than women

July 22, 2017
Asian Age
July 21, 2017
Times of India

Swine Flu Claims 221 Lives In Maharashtra Since January; 58 In Pune Alone

Swine flu has claimed as many as 221 lives in Maharashtra so far this year with Pune accounting for more than a quarter of all the fatalities, local health officials told the press. During this period 15,003 patients exhibited swine flu like symptoms and were treated. Of these patients, 1,106 tested positive for the deadly virus

May 28, 2017
Hans India

Maharashtra government asks for 25,000 fresh doses of H1N1 vaccine from Centre

The state has asked for 25,000 fresh doses of the H1N1 vaccine from central government as the number of casualties from the viral influenza outbreak inches close to 200. Although the city is not as badly affected as other districts, it did record its second victim last week 

May 17, 2017
Times of India

Maharashtra: 185 swine flu deaths in this year

Swine flu (H1N1) has claimed as many as 185 lives in Maharashtra so far this year, a government official said. The highest number of deaths were recorded in Pune (55), followed by Nashik (26)  

May 10, 2017
Indian Express

H1N1 claimed 103 lives in Maharashtra so far this year

Swine flu (H1N1) has claimed more than 100 lives across Maharashtra this year, the state health department said. Up till April 11th, 103 people had died while 3700 people were diagnosed with H1N1 in civic hospitals across the state

April 12, 2017
Daily Post
April 11, 2017
Tribune India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express

Swine Flu deaths cross 100 in Maharashtra

The number of Swine Flu deaths in Maharashtra has crossed 100 this year and there is a rise in number of cases in March and April due to the scorching heat and prevailing conditions

April 10, 2017
Deccan Herald

85 swine flu deaths in Maharashtra in 2017, up from 25 in 2016

The number of H1N1 deaths has significantly increased on last year. A total of 85 deaths from H1N1 have been reported in the state since January, compared to 25 in 2016. Of the 410 H1N1 cases since January, most are from Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad

April 6, 2017
Hindustan Times
April 5, 2017
The Times of India

India recorded 160 deaths due to swine flu between January 1 and March 26, govt tells Lok Sabha

Between January 1st and March 26th 160 people in India died from swine flu (H1N1) out of the 6,202 confirmed cases, the minister of state for health said. The highest number of deaths were reported in Maharashtra (63), while Telangana posted 16 deaths. A year earlier 1,786 cases were reported and 265 people had died

March 31, 2017
The Times of India, Press Trust of India, Kuwait News Agency
April 1, 2017
Pune Mirror

Swine flu cases from January to March ’17: 63 deaths in Maharashtra prompt minister to call re...

There has been a slight change in the pandemic virus H1N1 – an antigenic drift – according to the National Institute of Virology experts. This has been the reason for the rising number of cases and deaths across several Indian states since January this year. According to experts, from January to mid-March, there have been reportedly over 5,000 cases and more than 125 deaths with the southern and western states being largely affected

March 28, 2017
Indian Express, United News of India

Health systems

In numbers: Maharashtra’s under-funded health services keep its junior doctors in the line of ...

What is not being highlighted in Maharashtra sufficiently is the correlation between understaffed and inadequately resourced public hospitals and the growing discontent among patients seeking care in these hospitals. A symptom of this is the violence against doctors, at which they are protesting. Violence against doctors is not about doctor-patient conflict as much as it is about a lack of funds and personnel to attend to the sick 

April 1, 2017
Scroll India