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Promoting health through the life course

Les effets secondaires du stérilet hormonal Mirena

There are complaints from women in Europe about Bayer’s Mirena Coil, with users talking about it having terrible side effects such as full-blown depression, anxiety, hair loss and other symptoms. The French media are speculating whether this issue could blow up into a full international health scandal

May 10, 2017
May 9, 2017
TV5 Monde, Marie Claire
May 10, 2017
Marie Claire

Now, Get Condoms Delivered To Your Doorstep Absolutely Free

A bold new initiative in India is seeking to find a way around the social stigma of buying condoms and a lack of privacy in chemist shops by delivering them to your door free of cost. The global charity AIDS Healthcare Foundation launched this first free condom store and any NGO, government body or private institute which wishes to add condom distribution to their services can do so. The aim is to meet the shortfall in supply and for active measures in controlling the spread of HIV (

April 28, 2017
Huffington Post, Doctor NDTV, zeenews
April 27, 2017
International Business Times
April 28, 2017
News Nation
April 27, 2017
The News Minute, The Ladies Finger

Uma criança morre no Iêmen a cada 10 minutos por doenças evitáveis

UNICEF’s Christoph Boulierac said ‘Millions are on the brink of famine in Yemen, more than two-thirds of the entire population are struggling to feed themselves and nearly half a million children are suffering from severe and acute malnutrition. The UN estimates that a child dies in Yemen every ten minutes from a preventable disease – but still the warring parties delay, obstruct or impede the delivery of humanitarian assistance’

March 28, 2017
UOL Brazil, Caracol.com Colombia, SABA Yemen News Agency

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Lunda Sul: Província considerada endémica em casos de malária

The Angolan Lunda Sul health authorities recorded 11,587 cases of malaria during the first quarter of the current year. The health team said there are many victims of malaria, though the data is still at a provisional level and numbers may increase, there are currently 19 recorded deaths

April 25, 2017
Agencia Angola Press

Piura lidera en la incidencia de dengue a nivel nacional con 1,501 casos en la región

MINSA said there are 6,362 cases of dengue at a national level and Piura accounts for the greatest number due to the recent intense rains and floods. Up till March of this year the region recorded 1,501 cases of dengue – made up of at least 600 confirmed and 1,257 probable cases, with one death. Dengue case numbers are said to have tripled in the past fortnight

April 4, 2017
El Tiempo, Peru21, RPP Noticias, Diario Correo
April 5, 2017
El Comercio

Communicable diseases

Candidato a director de la OMS: "Los laboratorios deben bajar los precios a los paises pobres"

On a visit to Guatemala to learn more about the health challenges the country is facing, David Nabarro, candidate to be the next Director General of WHO, said ‘pharmaceutical companies should seek to find a way in which to reduce prices for medicines in poorer countries’

March 29, 2017
America Economica
March 28, 2017
Noticias Terra, La Conexion USA, Emisoras Unidas 89.7