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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Reportan primer caso de neurodengue en Piura

The local Director of Health explained this type of dengue is characterized by the virus attacking the nervous system, causing intense headaches, loss of consciousness and in some cases loss of ability to recognise loved ones. The woman who died from neuro dengue was 47 and a native of El Chilcal district in the city

June 13, 2017
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Peru dengue update: More deaths reported through May than in all of 2016

Throughout May, Peru has reported more dengue-related fatalities (54) than reported in all of 2016 (41) or 2015 (52), according to PAHO. A total of 44,971 dengue fever cases have been seen in the country to date, compared to 26,453 cases throughout the whole of 2016

June 1, 2017
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Áncash: confirman cinco casos de dengue en Nepeña

There are some 613 people affected by dengue in the Ancash region of Peru, with a further 647 suspected dengue cases during April still to be analysed and confirmed. Nearby La Libertad province is also seeing high numbers of dengue cases with 1,900 recorded

May 26, 2017
El Comercio
May 24, 2017
La Republica

Se incrementa a 27 cifra de fallecidos por dengue en Piura

The number of dengue cases in the Piura region of Peru for this year has now reached 28,151 suspected cases, with 5,510 cases confirmed, according to the most recent epidemiological report, and the number of deaths from dengue has now risen to 27 people

May 25, 2017
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Dengue: Reportan 221 infectados en la región Cajamarca

Health authorities in Cajamarca confirmed the region has 221 recorded cases of dengue as of Week 19, according to the regional health authorities, most of those affected are concentrated in the Jaen, San Ignacio and Contumaza districts

May 24, 2017
Cronica Viva, AmericaTV.com, La Republica

Al menos 26 muertos y 8.481 casos de dengue confirmados en el país

Peruvian Ministry of Health’s latest bulletin indicates 26 have died and 8,841 people have been sick from dengue since the start of the year, additionally, the ministry said they are aware of 28,352 possible cases of dengue of which 8,841 cases are now confirmed. The region registering the highest number of cases is Piura with 2,757 confirmed and 11,243 probable. Elsewhere, confirmed cases stand at La Libertad (1,559), Ica (810), Lambayeuque (781), Ancash (475), Loreto (178) and Tumbes (122

May 23, 2017
El Comercio, La Republica, Diario El Pueblo

Incrementan enfermedades por zancudo Aedes en la región Ica

Ica state health authorities in Peru say there have been more than 1,113 cases of mosquito borne diseases with more than 400 confirmed cases in the province of Palpa and 290 more in the capital of the region

May 21, 2017
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Cusco: confirman tres muertes por dengue en La Convención

In the province of La Convencion in the Cusco region of Peru, to date this year, there have been 278 cases of dengue, of which 215 occurred in Pichari and 63 in Kimbiri. Now the health authorities in the Pichari-Kimbiri region said they have just had three deaths from dengue

May 20, 2017
El Comercio, RPP Noticias
May 17, 2017
La Republica, RPP Noticias

Piura afronta la peor epidemia de dengue, ya hay 22 muertos

Piura - The number of deaths from dengue has risen again to 22 in just the first five months of this year, this is already as many deaths as were recorded during the whole of last year

May 20, 2017
Radio Onda Azul, La Republica, El Comercio

En Cajamarca reportan 187 casos de dengue

The dengue outbreak that has hit Tumbes, Piura and Lambayeque has now spread into the neighbouring region of Cajamarca. So far there have been 187 cases recorded, of which 71 correspond to patients in the Chilete district, the rest have been recorded in Jaen province, according to the Epidemiological director for the region 

May 13, 2017
La Republica
May 12, 2017
RPP, La Republica, El Comercio

Áncash: se han confirmado 441 casos de dengue en la región

Cases of dengue carry on rising in some parts of Peru. Ancash health authorities confirm 441 cases of dengue. The province of El Santa remains most affected with 439 patients infected. Elsewhere across the region there were 287 dengue patients in the district of Coischo, in Chimbote there were 101 dengue sufferers and Nuevo Chimbote has a further 45 cases. The health authorities said 581 people developed probable symptoms of dengue during March and April 

May 12, 2017
El Comercio
May 8, 2017
La Republica
May 12, 2017
Diario Correo, Rpp

Piura: La mortalidad del dengue alcanza las cifras que registró el año pasado

With another victim of the deadly dengue epidemic recorded in Piura, the health authorities have said they’ve almost reached the same number of deaths as there were during the whole of last year in just four months. They said they feared there would be more than double the number of dengue cases on last year and said they were concerned that many people are not seeking the medical attention they need as well

May 9, 2017
Diario Correo
May 8, 2017

Dengue fever: Peru reports 6000 confirmed cases, northern coast most affected

Officials with the National Emergency Centre in Peru are reporting 5,924 confirmed cases of dengue nationwide, as of April 22, with 60% reported from along the northern coast, and thirteen deaths. In addition, there are 13,897 probable cases reported. El Nino and its impact are being blamed for setting off the epidemic in this region

May 5, 2017
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700 Casos de Dengue Obligan a Autoridad a Actuar Con Firmeza

More than 700 cases of dengue out of the total of 900 in La Libertad state in Peru, are in the provincial town of Chepen. The Mayor of Chepen called on health and civil authorities to support efforts to eradicate the disease and to prevent it from spreading further

April 28, 2017
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Piura tiene déficit de médicos ante gran cantidad de casos de dengue [VIDEO]

The health system in the Piura region (Peru) is on the point of collapse. Patients have to be seen in hallways and waiting areas and in many cases are having to wait hours. Drugs to treat the sheer scale of dengue cases are running out in some place as the volume of cases overwhelms the healthcare system

April 16, 2017
La Republica, El Comercio
April 17, 2017
El Popular, AmericaTV

César Morón, director regional de Salud: “Diariamente se reportan 300 casos probables de den...

Piura’s regional health director, Cesar Moron, said hospitals in the region are facing around 300 cases of probable dengue per day. That is to say people are arriving at hospitals with symptoms of dengue and require hospitalization and support so he considers this to be an epidemic

April 16, 2017
Diario Correo
April 15, 2017
El Comercio

Más de 40 policías habrían contraído dengue en Piura

The local Piura and Tumbes region police chief reported that there were 43 policemen sick from dengue, who likely contracted it during their work helping the many communities along the Rio Piura that were hit by recent storms and severe flooding

April 16, 2017
La Republica
April 15, 2017
Diario Correo
April 16, 2017
El Tiempo
April 15, 2017
La Republica

Piura; Now the region has registered its sixth dengue victim as another two die

The number of dengue victims in Piura continued rising with another death bring the total to six for the year to date. Health authorities said there has been 746 cases to date and a possible 3,000 cases, which have also seen the spread of zika and chikungunya

April 12, 2017
Peru21, Diario Correo, La Republica

Alerta por 500 probables casos de dengue en Tumán

The regional health expert for Lambayeque said the authorities are doubling down on their effort to fumigate and clean-up the Chiclayano district of Tuman, where some 288 confirmed cases of Dengue have occurred, and where there are another more than 500 likely cases classified as probable for now. He said there has been a notable jump in the number of cases over the last fortnight

April 5, 2017
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Piura lidera en la incidencia de dengue a nivel nacional con 1,501 casos en la región

MINSA said there are 6,362 cases of dengue at a national level and Piura accounts for the greatest number due to the recent intense rains and floods. Up till March of this year the region recorded 1,501 cases of dengue – made up of at least 600 confirmed and 1,257 probable cases, with one death. Dengue case numbers are said to have tripled in the past fortnight

April 4, 2017
El Tiempo, Peru21, RPP Noticias, Diario Correo
April 5, 2017
El Comercio

Ya son mas de 6 mil casos de dengue registrados en el pais

In part due to the relentless storms and rains along the cost, MINSA said that Peru has witnessed 6,362 cases of dengue across the country to date, with five deaths (Loreto 2; Piura 1; Ayacucho 1 and Chiclayo 1). MINSA said eight regions of Peru are under emergency health restrictions: Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, Cajamarca, La Libertad, Ancash, Lima and Ica – with attention focused on outbreaks of infectious diseases

March 31, 2017
Diario Medico

Más de mil 500 casos confirmados y probables de dengue en Lambayeque

There are 1,525 confirmed and probable cases of dengue in the Lambayeque region, according to the latest report from the regional health authorities. Districts recording the highest number of cases include Tuman (519), La Victoria (67), Chiclayo (51) and Jose Leonardo Ortiz (25), with a large number of women infected with this disease

May 9, 2007
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Communicable diseases

Peru reels from floods as it waits for end to brutal rainy season

The spectre of diseases thriving amid pools of stagnant water in flooded neighbourhoods is one of a raft of problems Peru faces as it waits for the end of an unusually brutal rainy season. More than 80 people have been killed and 110,000 people displaced in rain-related incidents since December, most of them this month after a sudden warming of Pacific waters off the coast unleashed torrential downpours in a damaging local El Nino phenomenon

March 23, 2017
March 24, 2017
La Prensa
March 27, 2017
Diario Correo, Peru Informa