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Non communicable diseases

Mystery clot reveals a helpful mutant gene in a hunt for a cure

A discovery in Italy of the case of a man who had a tiny change in his DNA that intensified the power of a protein called IX. In this man, this ‘super factor IX’ caused his blood to clot too easily. But for an estimated 26,000 people in the world with haemophilia B, a lack of the protein leaves them vulnerable to extreme bleeding where minor injuries become life threatening. Spark Therapeutics and its partner Pfizer released data showing that in 10 haemophilia B patients receiving the gene treatment, the average annual number of bleeds fell by 96%, to less than one a year. Since entering the trial the patients have not has to get infusions of the protein and they are planning to move the therapy into final stage trials    

April 11, 2017

Pfizer launches new antibiotic in the UK

Pfizer is launching a new antibiotic called Zavicefta in the UK. It is designed to treat serious aerobic Gram-negative infections caused by resistant bacteria 

March 15, 2017
Pharma Times
March 14, 2017
Pharma Letter, zenopa

Health systems

New partnership to increase access to cancer medicines in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries that will benefit from market access agreements between the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) with Pfizer Inc. and Cipla Inc. to expand access to sixteen essential cancer treatment medications, including chemotherapies. The other countries include Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The agreements will set competitive prices on the medicines, thus allowing African governments to realize substantial savings while improving the quality of available treatment

June 23, 2017
KBC Channel

Pfizer, Roche and Aspen face South African probe into cancer drug prices

South Africa`s competition watchdog has launched an investigation into three drug companies accused of over-charging for cancer medicines, the agency`s chief said. Tembinkosi Bonakele, head of the Competition Commission, said the agency would investigate Aspen Pharmacare, Africa`s biggest generic drug maker, U.S. company Pfizer and Swiss-based Roche Holding. The Commission, which investigates cases before bringing them to the Competition Tribunal for adjudication, said it suspected the lung cancer treatment xalkori crizotinib sold by Pfizer had been excessively priced as have the breast cancer drugs Herceptin and Herclon sold by Roche. It also said it would look into whether Aspen, a local company based in Durban, might have over-charged for Leukeran, Alkeran and Myleran cancer treatments in South Africa

June 13, 2017

Pfizer raises US prices of 91 drugs by 20% in 2017

Pfizer hiked the prices of nearly a hundred drugs by an average of 20% so far this year in the United States, the Financial Times reported. Drug pricing has become a contentious issue as a wave of new treatments for cancer and other serious conditions reach the market, some costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars

June 2, 2017
Financial Times, Reuters

Communicable diseases

Pfizer to help raise awareness around infectious diseases in the UAE

Pfizer has linked up with the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to improve awareness around infectious diseases. The joint initiative aims to highlight how such diseases can be prevented and combated while also looking at promoting vaccination programs. The scope of the agreement also covers ‘medical professional training as an effective strategy to identify and implement preventive measures and minimize risk exposure’

June 13, 2017
Healthcare Global, Trade Arabia, Albawaba