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Se incrementa a 27 cifra de fallecidos por dengue en Piura

The number of dengue cases in the Piura region of Peru for this year has now reached 28,151 suspected cases, with 5,510 cases confirmed, according to the most recent epidemiological report, and the number of deaths from dengue has now risen to 27 people

May 25, 2017
RPP Noticias

Al menos 26 muertos y 8.481 casos de dengue confirmados en el país

Peruvian Ministry of Health’s latest bulletin indicates 26 have died and 8,841 people have been sick from dengue since the start of the year, additionally, the ministry said they are aware of 28,352 possible cases of dengue of which 8,841 cases are now confirmed. The region registering the highest number of cases is Piura with 2,757 confirmed and 11,243 probable. Elsewhere, confirmed cases stand at La Libertad (1,559), Ica (810), Lambayeuque (781), Ancash (475), Loreto (178) and Tumbes (122

May 23, 2017
El Comercio, La Republica, Diario El Pueblo

2,100 dengue cases in Capital

Among the 3,100 dengue cases reported across Kerala, 2,100 are from the Thiruvananthapuram district, the health minister told the state parliament. The government noted that healthcare professionals are contracting dengue and that the majority of the dengue cases are from within the city limits 

May 18, 2017
May 16, 2017
Times of India
May 18, 2017
New Indian Express

Deadly dengue epidemic declared in region of Peru

WHO has declared a dengue fever epidemic in Peru’s north western region of Piura after the local death toll reached 19. According to official figures, 3,150 cases have been confirmed in Peru in the latest outbreak, with another possible 12,446. In Piura alone, there are three hundred possible new dengue infections daily

May 17, 2017
Post-Courier, Pan Americana, Pysn Noticias
May 16, 2017

Muertes por el dengue en Piura se elevan a 21 en lo que va del año

The number of deaths from dengue fever in the Piura region of Peru rose once more to 21 victims. Confirmed cases in the region now stand at 3,765 and there are another 14,000 probable cases, according to regional health authorities

May 17, 2017
Peru21, El Comercio, La Republica, RPP Noticias

Muertes por dengue aumentan a 19 en Piura

The number of deaths from dengue rose again in Piura (to 19) as a 31 year old man died. Health authorities confirmed that there have been 3,150 confirmed cases of dengue and another 12,446 probable cases so far

May 16, 2017
El Comercio
May 14, 2017
Diario Correo

Más de 40 casos de dengue confirmados en la jurisdicción de la RSPS

In Peru, the Pacifico Sur Health region has confirmed there have been 45 confirmed cases of dengue. The hotspots for these cases were in El Satelite, Garatea, Tres de Octubre and Villa Maria in the Nuevo Chimbote district

May 15, 2017

OMS confirma: "Tenemos una epidemia de dengue en Piura"

The World Health Organization’s Raul Gonzalez spoke to the media and said there is a dengue epidemic in the Piura region and in the north of the country and added there are cases of dengue in Lima

May 15, 2017
Peru21, Peru, Gestion

Alerta sanitaria que vive Piura y el norte

The major health alert in the Piura and northern Peru region is still in effect with 19 deaths due to dengue, 2,700 confirmed dengue cases at least 10,900 probable cases

May 13, 2017
Diario Correo

UGEL Talara confirma 43 casos de dengue en escolares de esa provincia

According to the Piura regional health authorities 707 cases of dengue have been confirmed in the Piura region. Talara now reports that there are 43 cases of dengue among schoolchildren, teachers and service personnel in its region (

May 9, 2017
Andina, El Regional Piura

Aumentan a 15 las víctimas por dengue en Piura. La última es una gestante

According to Peruvian health authorities the total number of dengue cases has risen to 10,368 of which 1,734 have been confirmed. It also added that 383 health service sector workers had contracted dengue

May 6, 2017
La Republica, Expreso, Diario Correo
May 5, 2017
RPP Noticias, Canaln

A 45 suben casos de dengue en el sur

The southern region of Peru has seen a jump in the number of confirmed dengue cases in recent days with 45 confirmed cases. Most of these are to be found in the Nuevo Chimbote district, health authorities are working to contain the outbreak

May 6, 2017
Diario Correo

Dengue: confirman cerca de 6 mil casos en el país

Northern coastal regions have recorded almost 60% of the 6,000 confirmed cases of dengue across the country this year. Piura tops the list with 1,503 cases, La Libertad has 961, Lambayeque 688, Ica 617 and Ayacucho 388. In addition, there are around 13,897 probable cases as well, with Piura being the epicentre for most of these with 7,249 cases followed by Ica with 1,444 cases

May 1, 2017
El Comercio

Virus mayaro u oropuche podría afectar a los piuranos

Piura health authorities are suggesting that an unknown virus may have become virulent since the recent floods and could be circulating. The Regional Health Directorate said it could be the Mayaro virus or Oropuche, both of which offer symptoms that are very similar to dengue

April 24, 2017
Diario Correo

Áncash: reportan 153 pacientes con dengue en El Santa

There are 153 patients with confirmed dengue in Ancash, in the El Santa province. There are also a further 691 with likely symptoms

April 24, 2017
El Comercio, Ancash al Dia, La Republica

Doce fallecidos y 4,058 afectados por dengue

The Peruvian National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) reports that 12 people have died from dengue and 4,058 people have contracted the disease as a result of heavy rains and floods. Five died in Piura, two in Loreto, two in Lambayeque, one in Ayacucho, one in Cusco and another in Tumbes. Of the 4,058 confirmed cases of dengue, 868 were in Piura, 667 in La Libertad and 397 in Lambayeque – the three regions most affected. There have been 175 cases of zika, of these 139 were recorded in the Loreto region, 33 in Ica, two in Ucayali and one in San Martin

April 22, 2017
April 21, 2017

Más de 150 policías infectados con dengue reciben cuidados intensivos

More than 150 policemen and women who tirelessly work to help victims of the recent heavy rains and floods in the Piura coastal region have fallen sick with dengue fever as an indirect consequence of the work. There is particular concern for one 24 year old officer who has been diagnosed with haemorrhagic dengue

April 19, 2017
La Republica

Sube a 9 número de fallecidos por dengue en Piura

Some health centres in the Piura region are buckling at the knees at the volume of dengue cases they are having to admit to the hospitals each day. Deaths from dengue have risen once more and now stand at nine. There are around 8,000 probable dengue cases and 800 confirmed across the region. It is clear to local health experts that there is a need for more doctors to deal with the emergency

April 18, 2017
La Republica, Peru 21
April 17, 2017
Diario Vea, Peru 21

Piura; Now the region has registered its sixth dengue victim as another two die

The number of dengue victims in Piura continued rising with another death bring the total to six for the year to date. Health authorities said there has been 746 cases to date and a possible 3,000 cases, which have also seen the spread of zika and chikungunya

April 12, 2017
Peru21, Diario Correo, La Republica

Piura - the number of confirmed cases of dengue has risen to 707 which is 20% of all Peru

There are now 707 confirmed cases of dengue in Piura province which represents 20% of all the cases that exist to date in the country. The areas of Piura, Sullana and Tambogrande are the most affected places. Minsa also reported there are a possible 3,161 case of dengue in the region as yet unconfirmed

April 9, 2017
El Comercio , Pan Americana

Centro Materno Infantil reporta 30 casos confirmados de dengue

Tambogrande in the Piura region of Peru has confirmed a spike in the number of dengue cases from 26 to 30 over the last week

March 7, 2017
Piura News