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Promoting health through the life course

‘Overemphasis on polio hampering fight against other diseases’

The Pakistan Paediatric Association (PPAP) said that thousands of children in Sindh are dying of vaccine-preventable diseases because the state health authorities are over-emphasizing the fight against polio and neglecting the equally important fight against other vaccine preventable diseases

April 26, 2017
The News Pakistan

12,000 infants died in Odisha in 2016-17

According to data from the Odisha state health department a whopping 12,000 infants died in the state during 2016-17. The data revealed 6,500 infants died due to anaemic conditions inherited from the mother or malaria, Similarly a total of 1,600 babies died from pneumonia or sepsis, which increased during this period. The two biggest causes behind infant mortality were low birth weight and asphyxia, the data reveal, pointing to how poor nutrition is playing havoc with new born lives

April 9, 2017
Daily Pioneer

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus – China

China notified WHO of an additional 23 laboratory-confirmed cases of human infection with H7N9 virus in China earlier this month. At the time of notification (13 May) there had been seven deaths, 15 patients were diagnosed with pneumonia or severe pneumonia and a further case was mild

May 23, 2017
World Health Organization

Non communicable diseases

Main Causes of Mortality in Tehran

A new study by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, drew up a list of the 10 leading causes of death in Tehran and two of its major counties. According to the study, which examined all causes of death under the age of 70 last winter, heart attacks, diabetes and strokes were the top three causes of mortality in Tehran, Rey and Eslamshahr. It went on to add that across the country, 95,000 people lose their lives prematurely each year through cardiovascular disease, 35,000 are under the age of 55, although many cases could be prevented though measures such as healthier lifestyle, timely check-ups and physical exercise

May 3, 2017
Financial Tribune

'Epidemics' of TB and pneumonia could hit Ireland due to antibiotic resistance

Epidemics of TB and pneumonia could hit Ireland due to antibiotic resistance. The Journal pointed to misuse and overuse of medication, which will eventually fuel a nationwide health crisis, if the parlous state of antibiotic resistance is not reversed

March 3, 2017
The Journal

Communicable diseases

New flu test: One drop of blood could save your life

Researchers have developed a world-first blood test to predict which flu patients will develop potentially life-threatening secondary infections that demand urgent medical treatment. The High-risk Influenza Screen Test (HIST) measures `an early warning signal` released by the patient`s body into their blood to `kick start` their immune system`s fight against the infection. The test, developed by Dr Benjamin Tang -- a doctor from the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Nepean Hospital and medical researcher at Westmead Institute for Medical Research -- needs only a single drop of blood and a few hours to predict, with 91 percent accuracy, which influenza patients will develop potentially deadly secondary infections, such as pneumonia

June 15, 2017
Science Daily

Study Shows Antibiotic Therapy Does Not Work In One Out Of Four People With Pneumonia

A new study shows that about one in four adults who are prescribed an antibiotic in an outpatient setting for pneumonia do not respond to the treatment. In an article published in Eurekalert, 22.1% of adults observed were deemed to be not responsive to the antibiotics prescribed to them

May 22, 2017
Science Times, Daily Mail

Waste not: how cities can improve sanitation

Brian Arbogast, director of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programmes at the Gates Foundation, discusses the group’s ‘Reinvent the toilet’ challenge. He highlights how a lack of sanitation often results in cycles of contamination and infection that impose a heavy cost on human, economic and environmental health. He highlights a new ‘Talking Toilets’ 360 video, which puts viewers face to face with the consequences of poor sanitation and opens eyes to possible solutions

April 28, 2017
Financial Times

Resistance to antibiotic of last resort found in human pathogens infecting dogs

A team of Spanish investigators has identified examples of tigecycline-resistant bacteria (an antibiotic of last resort) living on dogs. This raises the probability that such bacteria are being repeatedly introduced into hospitals. The bacteria harbouring the resistance are Klebsiella pneumoniae which are frequently associated with hospital-acquired pneumonia, bloodstream infections and meningitis. These particular k. pneumoniae could well have been disseminated to hospitals worldwide. So the antibiotic of last resort for complicated infections in humans may be more complicated as pathogens could be resistant to last resort antibiotics

April 11, 2017
Medical News Today