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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Sobe número de mortes por febre amarela no Rio

The state of Rio de Janeiro registered another fatal case of yellow fever, bringing to six the number of deaths from the disease since the beginning of the current outbreak, the state department of health reported. In total the state of Rio has recorded 15 cases of yellow fever in humans. In four municipalities yellow fever has only been detected in monkeys. Rio health authorities believe they have the yellow fever vaccine they need and are responding accordingly

May 23, 2017
Correio do Brazil

Paciente em Macaé é 12º caso diagnosticado de febre amarela no Rio

The city of Macae confirmed that a resident of the city has contracted yellow fever. The case was diagnosed in April, the patient underwent treatment and was discharged and it is the 12th case of the disease in the state of Rio since March, three of which have died

May 8, 2017
UOL.com, G1.Globo.com, Radio Agencia Nacional, Extra Globo

Região metropolitana do Rio registra primeira morte por febre amarela

The Rio De Janeiro health authorities confirmed that a patient from Marica, a municipality in the metropolitan region of the capital, has died due to Yellow Fever. With this diagnosis the number of confirmed cases of the disease in the state has risen to 11 with 3 deaths so far

April 20, 2017
CenarioMT.com, Odia.ig.com
April 22, 2017
April 20, 2017
G1.Globo.com, Noticias.Band.com

Yellow fever continues to advance in southeastern Brazil

An outbreak of yellow fever continues to advance across Brazil’s south-eastern region, with Rio de Janeiro state announcing the sixth yellow fever case in the state earlier this week. It was recorded in the town of Sao Fidelis and is the first case of yellow fever in the state not in the town of Casimiro de Abreu

March 28, 2017
Sina.com, Asia Pacific Daily

Facing significant yellow fever outbreak, Brazil appeals for more vaccine

The body that maintains and manages the vaccine stockpile, the International Coordinating Group on Vaccine Provision, have released 3.5m doses of yellow fever vaccine, according to PAHO. Now, though, with yellow fever creeping ever close to two of the country’s largest cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, there are fears the disease may start to spread faster and more vaccine may well be needed 

March 21, 2017
Stat News, UOL.com
March 14, 2017

Yellow fever spreads in Brazil

The number of cases of yellow fever surpassed 400 in Brazil, as the disease spread to the state of Rio de Janeiro, the third most populated and the most touristic area. To date, 137 people have died from the disease nationwide, while another 424 cases have been confirmed and 933 are undergoing further tests

March 17, 2017
March 16, 2017
The Economist
March 20, 2017
CIDRAP, G1.Globo.com, Tribuna Online, Reuters

The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has announced plans to vaccinate its entire population aga...

The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has announced plans to vaccinate its entire population against yellow fever. The country is grappling with an outbreak that has killed more than 113 people so far. U.S. health authorities are monitoring the situation

March 12, 2017
Deutsche Welle, Indian Express, France24.com
March 8, 2017
Los Angeles Times