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Spain's smoking ban tied to drop in preterm and underweight babies

One year after a nationwide ban on smoking in public took effect in Spain, women had significantly fewer premature or underweight infants, a recent study suggests. Researchers examined data on more than 5m babies born in Spain from 2000 to 2013. The study included infants born before any restrictions on public tobacco use, after a 2006 ban covering many workplaces with exceptions in the hospitality industry, and in 2011, after a law curbing tobacco in nearly all public places. The rate of babies born small for their gestational age declined after the partial smoking ban took effect in 2006, and then once more it dropped after the comprehensive ban in 2011. The study authors said second hand smoke exposure during pregnancy is associated with health complications affecting perinatal and neonatal health

May 17, 2017

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Ceuta, Melilla y Galicia registran las tasas más altas de tuberculosis

Ceuta, Melilla and Galicia record the highest number of cases of tuberculosis in Spain. Around 100,000 people in Spain are infected with TB each year, but more than 80% of them are never diagnosed. About seven out of every 100,000 people living on the Canary Islands have tuberculosis. Spain is among the list of those countries with most cases of TB in the European Union, registering, on average, 13 new cases every day

March 21, 2017
El Medico Interactivo, TeInteresa, Noticanarias
March 23, 2017
La Opinion
March 21, 2017
La Informacion, La Verdad de Ceuta