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Promoting health through the life course

Rains fail again in East Africa, hunger on the rise - U.N.

Rains have failed for a third consecutive season in East Africa, wilting crops, killing livestock and entrenching a long drought that has pushed millions into hunger, the United Nations said. Some 16 million people are in need of humanitarian aid across areas of Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda - 30 percent more than in late 2016 and their number expected to increase in the coming months, the U.N. food agency said

July 14, 2017

Tanzanian leader reaffirms ban on pregnant girls attending state schools

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has rejected activists` calls for the government to allow pregnant students to attend state schools, saying it was immoral for young girls to be sexually active. Tanzania`s ban on pregnant girls attending state primary and secondary schools dates back to 1961, when the country secured its independence from Britain, though it does not extend to private schools. Activists have stepped up calls in recent years for the ban to be scrapped, saying expelled teenagers face widespread stigma, the possibility of being forced into early marriage and the challenge of providing for themselves and their babies

June 23, 2017

The trans women "fighting for survival" as rights crackdown continues in Tanzania

Recently 40 private drop-in clinics offering HIV/AIDS services to key populations such as gay men, transgender people and sex workers were banned by the Tanzanian government. A program supported by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and malaria and implemented by Save the Children to assist key populations eligible for HIV treatment in Tanzania has been put on hold. Another Global Fund grant to distribute water-based lubricants ended in December and lubricants are now banned for promoting homosexuality. The government appears unwilling or unable to tolerate education on LGBT matters and the crackdown on activists can be harsh

April 19, 2017

How Tanzania is cracking down on LGBT and getting away with it

BuzzFeed reports that Tanzania has been terrorizing its LBGT community on the back of stigma and prejudice and imperilling the country’s response to HIV Aids programme management

April 8, 2017

Tanzania struggles to end child labor from the lure of gold

The Tanzanian government has signed all the major international conventions on child labour and introduced its own laws to prevent the worst types of child labour, but not everyone knows of these laws, including families and local officials. Government workers tasked with enforcing them lack the staff and funds for inspection, let alone pursue prosecutions

April 3, 2017

Despite murderous attacks, Tanzania's 'witches' fight for land

Thousands of elderly Tanzanian women have been strangled, knifed to death and burnt alive over the last two decades after being denounced as witches. The human rights coordinator for the Magu Poverty Eradication Rehabilitation Centre explained it was ‘a hidden agenda’ and the attacks have always all been about stealing their land 

March 21, 2017
Reuters, Mirror, Malay Mail

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Tanzania: Sixty Tanzania Medical Staff Needed to Rescue Situation in Kigoma Refugee Camp

Medecins Sans Frontieres is being supported by Tanzanian medical staff who are working alongside the charity organization to overcome the recent spike of diseases among Burundian refugees residing in the Nduta camp in the Kigoma region. Nduta camp, originally intended to shelter only 55,000 people, is overwhelmed and overcrowded, leading to a worrying health situation, experts are saying

June 2, 2017
allafrica.com, The Citizen

Tanzania: Three-Month Baby, 75 Year Old Man Get Resurfaced Cholera in Zanzibar As Heavy Rains Po...

Zanzibar’s Minister for Health and Social Welfare said there are 23 people reported to be suffering from cholera. Most of those affected by the disease were from districts Urban West A, Urban West B and Urban North A, all in Unguja, while the remainder were from the districts of Micheweni and Wete on Pemba Island

May 29, 2017

Non communicable diseases

Tackling sickle cell disease

Lack of sickle cell equipment for early detection of sickle cell disease in children is cited to be one of the contributing factors that leads to a high number of deaths from the disease in Tanzania. The government, in partnership with Medomix Business Development launched a facility to diagnose sickle cell disease. The new technology does not require electricity, it could be used in remote areas and it does not require an expert to interpret the results. It has a 99% specificity and sensitivity rating

June 19, 2017
The Citizen, AllAfrica.com

Tanzania: Challenges of Caring for Cancer Patients in Tanzania

There are three main causes: ageing population, rapid unplanned urbanization and the globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles. NCDs also have some common denominators: tobacco usage, alcohol intake, high blood pressure, diet and physical inactivity – these are acknowledged risk factors. There is a need for reliable statistics to understand the scale of the problem and the resources needed, as well as specialist training for cancer care and the equipment to support it

April 27, 2017
allafrica.com, The Citizen

Health systems

New partnership to increase access to cancer medicines in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries that will benefit from market access agreements between the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) with Pfizer Inc. and Cipla Inc. to expand access to sixteen essential cancer treatment medications, including chemotherapies. The other countries include Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The agreements will set competitive prices on the medicines, thus allowing African governments to realize substantial savings while improving the quality of available treatment

June 23, 2017
KBC Channel

Solar energy powers clean water, business opportunities for refugees

As part of a broader initiative to help refugees access clean energy and sanitation, Water Mission is installing solar-powered water treatment facility in three refugee camps in western Tanzania. The $5.3 million project, funded by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, is expected to provide safe water for some 250,000 refugees in Nyarugusu, Nduta and Mtendeli camps. According to Water Mission, the Tanzania project aims to pump 100 percent of the water using solar power, with diesel generators as back up. A recent shipment of 780 solar panels to Tanzania will produce 226,000 watts of power and provide a continuous supply of safe water to keep children in good health, it said

June 23, 2017

Refugees suffer disease outbreaks in Tanzania

An outbreak of diseases has struck Tanzanian camps housing refugees fleeing strife in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some 184 new arrivals composed of 99 Burundian and 85 Congolese asylum seekers have entered the East African country in the past week as the crises in their countries peak. According to the agency the top five medical conditions at the Nyarugusu and Nduta refugee camps are malaria, skin infections, upper respiratory tract infection, HIV and mental disorder

June 15, 2017
CajNews Africa

Communicable diseases

U.S. pledges $526 million aid in 2017 to Tanzania to fight AIDS

The U.S. approved $526m in aid to Tanzania over the coming year to expand the roll-out of life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs to people infected with HIV. Some 1.4m Tanzanians are estimated to be living with HIV in an nation of around 50m people, with about 850,000 of them currently on anti-retrovirals (ARVs). The funds were donated through the PEPFAR programme

May 18, 2017

Malnutrition threatens to derail Tanzania’s education development

Malnutrition threatens to derail Tanzania’s education development with data showing that in 31 districts where nearly a third of children have been affected by malnutrition, their performances in the 2016 primary school leaving examinations were poor. The Citizen commented ‘chronic malnutrition affects the growth of children below the age of five, impairing their brains’

March 12, 2017
The Citizen

Survey finds most Tanzanians go hungry, despite government denials

Most Tanzanians have experienced hunger in the past three months, with food shortages most severe in drought-hit rural areas, a countrywide survey found, despite government denials of a food crisis. The survey, by think tank Twaweza, found that 64% of interviewees experienced shortages in cities, as opposed to 84% who did so in rural areas

March 8, 2017