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WHO elections

World Health Assembly Elects Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as New WHO Director

The newly elected head of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO),Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, outlined his priorities for journalists at the agency’s headquarters today in Geneva, where he stressed the need for Member States to provide healthcare for all and to implement global health regulations.

May 29, 2017
Normangee Star

The top job, a tough job

“All roads leads to universal coverage. This will be my central priority” newly elected WHO director general, Tedros Adhanom told World Health Assembly members. He also promised to respond to future global emergencies “rapidly and effectively”

May 28, 2017

Non communicable diseases

Umbrella coverage for all: Here’s why India must focus on universal insurance coverage

According to the Aaarogya Bharat Report, the Indian non-communicable disease burden is exploding and it is estimated it will cost the country $6.2tr by 2030. Early detection and management of such diseases is essential to keeping a lid on any potential exploding health costs. The writer says the country needs to focus on preventative and primary care through greater public spending and broader engagement with stakeholders such as technology, media, schools and food companies

May 12, 2017
Financial Express

Health systems

76% Indians without health insurance, forcing them to dip into savings

India added 450 million people over the 25 years to 2016, a period during which the proportion of people living in poverty fell by half, but, this period of rising prosperity has been marked by a “dual-disease burden”, a continuing rise in communicable diseases and a spurt in non-communicable or “lifestyle” diseases, which accounted for half of all deaths in 2015, from 42% in 2001-03. While the private sector dominates healthcare delivery across the country, a majority of the population living below the poverty line (BPL)–the ability to spend Rs 47 per day in urban areas, Rs 32 per day in rural areas–continues to rely on the under-financed and short-staffed public sector for its healthcare needs, as a result of which their healthcare needs remain unmet

June 7, 2017
Business Standard

New WHO chief vows to leave no one behind in healthcare

The new head of the World Health Organization said it was unacceptable that 1 in 17 people still lack access to essential health services and said he aimed to change this under his leadership, Tedros Adhanom said achieving universal health coverage would be a top priority during his five year term as head of the agency

June 6, 2017

India must prepare to provide quality health care for all: Dr Nalla G Palaniswami

Economic Times Healthworld interviews Dr Nalla G Palaniswami, chair KMCH, Coimbatore, who explains why India must prepare to provide quality health care for all, pointing to the fact that 40% of the population has no money to pay for advanced treatment and facilities and healthcare must be accessible and affordable to the public

June 4, 2017
Economic Times

Free health care could pose challenge to development - IDB

The problems facing Jamaica’s health sector, especially with free access to public services and treatment, are among several gaps being looked at by the Inter-American Development Bank as it develops its 10-year strategic plan. IDB sources told the Jamaica Gleaner that ‘in some instances free health care can threaten the delivery of sustained quality care and we support a health system model which target those who could afford to pay to improve access for the poor’

May 22, 2017
Jamaica Gleaner