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Venezuelan congress says $200 million wasted on low-income food packs

A commission of Venezuela`s opposition-controlled congress said the government overpaid $206 million for food imported from Mexico, stepping up criticism of its handling of a scarcity crisis that charities said is causing more malnutrition. The congress` inspection commission said that between January and June the government bought 7 million boxes of basic foods like rice and cooking oil imported from Mexico by middlemen, paying 55 percent above market prices. "This government is addicted to corruption. Not even the hunger of Venezuelans stops it creating new ways to steal," lawmaker Carlos Paparoni said

June 16, 2017

Cry for Venezuela

Not so long ago, Venezuela enjoyed a semblance of comfort, security and hope; The Globe and Mail’s Stephanie Nolen reports that it is now a shambles, the people suffering from inadequate health care, food shortages – and government that appears to be looking out for its own, sometimes brutally

June 9, 2017
Globe and Mail

Venezuela crisis forces women to sell sex in Colombia, fuels slavery risk

As a humanitarian and political crisis in neighbouring Venezuela deepens, growing numbers of Venezuelan women are working in bars and brothels across Colombia, at this moment, there are around 4,500 Venezuelan sex workers in Colombia, some working in the capital, others in Caribbean tourist resorts and even in far-flung Amazon villages near the Brazilian border, according to ASMUBULI, a Colombian sex workers association. Campaigners and the United Nations say Venezuelan migrant women and men selling sex in Colombia are at high risk of being trafficked into forced prostitution but little is known about the true scale of the largely invisible problem

June 5, 2017

Preparedness, surveillance and response

Venezuela convertida en foco de enfermedades prevenibles y erradicadas

Venezuela has become the focus of outbreaks of new diseases once believed to be eradicated in the country, and others, which were very treatable, such as TB, malaria, Chagas disease, dengue and diphtheria. Now, due to the decay of its public health system which has all but broken down because of political turmoil, the breakdown of all disease prevention vaccination programmes is just a symptom of this full-scale collapse

July 10, 2017
El Carabobeno

Children face hunger crisis in Venezuela as malnutrition soars

Child malnutrition in parts of Venezuela is now at the level of a humanitarian crisis warns a new report from the local Caritas agency. With the economy in freefall, shortages of food and medicine soaring, half of the under-fives monitored by Caritas are suffering from some degree of malnutrition or at imminent risk. The WHO’s threshold for malnutrition is 10% and Caritas says the latest analysis puts current levels at 11.4%

May 16, 2017

Unicef: in Venezuela è catastrofe umanitaria, intervenire subito

UNICEF regional offices in Latin America have issued a statement calling Venezuela a humanitarian catastrophe with hunger and disease increasing the number of deaths of children across their first year of life. The data on infant and maternal mortality released by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health provides clear proof of the prolonged impact of this crisis on women and children in the country 

May 15, 2017

Autoridades de salud advierten de aumento de malaria en Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, heath authorities (MINSA) are warning about an increase in malaria cases across the country. To date, there have been 1,200 malaria cases being reported at a rate of about 17 per day. During the last week, there were 112 new cases, bringing the total up 1200. This is a 21.7% increase on cases reported at the same time last year

March 14, 2017
Vida y Estilo
March 13, 2017
Diario Las Americas

Malaria en Venezuela logró cifra récord de casos en 2016

The Latin American press reported that Venezuela tops the list of the 8 countries with the highest jump in malaria cases. It says around 241,000 cases of malaria were reported in the country during 2016

March 5, 2017
Entorno Inteligente, La Patilla
March 1, 2017
Cronica Uno

Non communicable diseases

Venezuela's spiralling mental healthcare crisis

Al Jazeera reports on Venezuela’s economic strife and how the healthcare system is left struggling to cope with the nation’s growing mental health crisis

March 20, 2017

Venezuela's epileptic patients struggle with seizures amid drug shortage

Venezuela’s epileptic patients are struggling with seizures amid a drugs shortage according to Reuters

March 3, 2017

Health systems

More Children and Women Dying in Venezuela as Economy Collapses

Venezuela’s collapsing economy is taking a toll on its population’s health, with more children and women dying and various diseases skyrocketing amid persistent shortages of everything from medicine to drinking water. The country recorded 756 cases of maternal deaths in 2016, up 66% from the previous year according to data from the ministry of health. Infant deaths rose 30% to 11,466 cases in 2016 from 8,812 deaths the previous year 

May 11, 2017

Injured Venezuela protesters face another woe: finding medicine

Demonstrators in Venezuela where the state prosecutor says 437 people have been hurt in a months of protests are struggling to get treatment in a crisis-hit country where basics like antibiotics and painkillers are running short. Families are hauling relatives to multiple health centres, scouring pharmacies for medicine, raising funds to buy pricier drugs on the black market and posting messages on social media begging for medical donations

April 26, 2017

En Venezuela, la malaria ha incrementado 15 veces en últimos cuatro años

Malaria has increased 15-fold in the last four years and four fold since the year 2000. Back then, malaria in Venezuela was just 2% of all the infections caused by the disease across Latin America (29,000 cases). By 2015, there were 136,000 cases, increasing to 140,000 cases in 2016. Now, Venezuela accounts for 48% of all cases across Latin America. The situation is likely to worsen as diagnostic capabilities within the healthcare system falter

April 25, 2017
El Carabobeno, Estadao

Venezuela's Maduro asks U.N. to help ease medicine shortages

Triple digit inflation and a decaying economy have left medication ranging from simple anti-inflammatory drugs to chemotherapy medication out of reach for most Venezuelans

March 25, 2017

Communicable diseases

Venezuela's latest deadly plight: AIDS

Affordable drugs, education for at-risk groups, free condoms all helped control and reduce the country’s HIV epidemic. Stephanie Nolen, Latin America correspondent for Canada’s Globe & Mail, who covered the AIDS pandemic in Africa more than a decade ago, was recently in Venezuela which she described thus, "There is nowhere in the world today where people are dying of AIDS at the pace and in the sheer numbers that they are in Venezuela: Even the poorest African countries today have HIV treatment programs"

June 27, 2017
USA Today