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Preparedness, surveillance and response

Bolivia reports fifth yellow fever case

Health officials in Bolivia reported the fifth yellow fever case in Cochabamba. ‘We are taking actions reinforcing our vaccination campaigns to people who were not vaccinated because the teams are moving in that area (Caranavi) and we are investigating the presence of the vector’ health authorities reported

July 25, 2017
Outbreak News Today

Bolivia registra el 5to caso de fiebre amarilla

The Ministry of Health director general, Rodolfo Rocabado, announced that the country has recorded its fifth case of yellow fever. He referred specifically to the first case recorded in Cochabama which he said was now fully under control

July 21, 2017
El Dia.com.bo

Yellow Fever in La Paz

Four cases have been recorded in Norte de los Yunga with two deaths so far, a young girl of 9 and a man aged 38 years old. Health authorities say they are reinforcing their campaign against the disease and seeking to take all necessary precautionary actions to get the disease under control

July 20, 2017
El Dia.com.bo
July 18, 2017

Brazil Yellow Fever Outbreak Persists Although Number of Cases Has Stabilized

In Brazil, which has been experiencing its biggest yellow fever outbreak since the 1940s, the Ministry of Health has reported 3,240 suspected cases of the virus since the current outbreak began in December 2016. Of those cases, health officials have confirmed 792, discarded 1,929, and are investigating another 519 cases. The country has seen 435 outbreak-associated deaths, 274 of which have been confirmed, 124 discarded, and 37 are under investigation

July 19, 2017
Contagion Live

Robust Emergency Fund Needed to Respond to Future Disease Outbreaks

Creating a similar “rainy day” fund—and providing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with permission to use it in advance—could save lives and money, both at home and overseas. There have been some moves in this direction. President Donald Trump`s general budget proposal for 2018 includes such a fund. But it does not give any dollar figures, and the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives in May cuts at least $1 billion from annual public health funding

June 20, 2017
Scientific American

Sespa investiga primeiro caso suspeito de febre amarela silvestre em Aveiro

The Brazilian health authorities in the state of Para have confirmed the first case of yellow fever in the state as a 19 year old man has been transferred to the ICU of the Regional Hospital of Baixo Amazonas

May 29, 2017

Febre amarela silvestre já matou mais de oitenta pessoas no Espírito Santo

There have been 82 deaths confirmed from yellow fever in the state of Espírito Santo. There are still 20 cases under investigation and another 17 have been discarded. According to the latest bulletin released by the state government, through the Department of Health (Sesa), the Espírito Santo region has had 256 confirmed cases of the disease

May 29, 2017

Sobe número de mortes por febre amarela no Rio

The state of Rio de Janeiro registered another fatal case of yellow fever, bringing to six the number of deaths from the disease since the beginning of the current outbreak, the state department of health reported. In total the state of Rio has recorded 15 cases of yellow fever in humans. In four municipalities yellow fever has only been detected in monkeys. Rio health authorities believe they have the yellow fever vaccine they need and are responding accordingly

May 23, 2017
Correio do Brazil

Espírito Santo registrou (até agora) 240 casos de febre amarela e 79 mortes

The Espirito Santo state health department said that it has recorded 240 cases of yellow fever and seen 79 deaths since the start of the year. By May 11th there had been 749 notifications of suspicion about it being yellow fever, 304 of these were rejected, 240 of them were confirmed and in 79 cases people have died

May 15, 2017
Es Hoje

Casos de chikungunya no Ceará somam 13 mil entre janeiro e maio

Chikungunya fever cases in Brazil’s Ceara region are continuing to rise. From January to the second week of May more than 13,000 cases had been confirmed. In 2016, Ceara Health Department classified the chikungunya outbreak as an epidemic with 31,000 confirmed cases. Fortaleza accounts for more than half the cases and this year Fortaleza has seen 8,000 cases 

May 15, 2017
Radio Agencia Nacional

The Looming Threat of Yellow Fever

The New York Times highlights the unusually large outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil with 259 deaths and more than 715 cases confirmed, and says there is serious concern if the virus starts spreading in a major city, as it is already close to doing so in the Rio de Janeiro region. With the threat of yellow fever returning to areas where it was once thought gone, the NYT flags its ultimate spread to places like Asia a potential disaster in the making 

May 15, 2017
New York Times

Vírus da febre amarela tem mutação genética inédita, diz Fiocruz…

The current yellow fever virus in Brazil has a built-in number of unprecedented genetic variations, according to researchers at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. They detected eight possible mutations in the genetic sequence of the virus, seven of them associated with the viral replication mechanism. The Institute says that there is no previous record of such mutations in any world scientific literature

May 15, 2017
Noticias.uol.com, G1.Globo.com, Folha.uol.com, OGlobo, Veja Abril, Agencia Brasil

Aumentan a 259 los casos de muertes por fiebre amarilla en Brasil

Health authorities in Brazil announced 259 people have died from yellow fever since last December. They said another 47 cases are being investigated and a further 115 cases have been rejected as having been caused by yellow fever. Yellow fever has been detected in 115 districts of Brazil, with the largest clusters of cases located in the Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo states, in the south east region of the country. Health bulletins say there are 3,175 possible cases of yellow fever across the country, 1787 cases have been discarded, 756 cases confirmed and a further 622 cases are awaiting conclusive results

May 12, 2017
NTN24, Informador
May 13, 2017
Pueblo Y Sociedad, Zap aeiou
May 12, 2017
Terra Argentina

Paciente em Macaé é 12º caso diagnosticado de febre amarela no Rio

The city of Macae confirmed that a resident of the city has contracted yellow fever. The case was diagnosed in April, the patient underwent treatment and was discharged and it is the 12th case of the disease in the state of Rio since March, three of which have died

May 8, 2017
UOL.com, G1.Globo.com, Radio Agencia Nacional, Extra Globo

Ministerio da Saude confirma 240 mortes devido a febre amarela

The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that since the beginning of the Yellow Fever epidemic, last December, there had been 392 suspected deaths due to the disease, with 240 confirmed as yellow fever. Overall, the number for confirmed cases of yellow fever infection now stands at 715 since the outbreak began

May 3, 2017
GP1.com.br, GazetaWeb.Globo

Brazil Yellow Fever Outbreak Spawns Alert: Stop Killing the Monkeys

As fear over the resurgence of yellow fever spreads in Brazil, health officials are issuing a warning to the population – stop killing monkeys. People’s panicked reactions to this alarming outbreak have included many instances where monkeys have been burnt, clubbed or stoned to death. Experts say this is the wrong target, as monkeys are dying in even greater numbers, as it is mosquitoes, not monkeys, which are the vector for the virus. Monkey populations serve as ‘warning beacons’ telling populations where yellow fever is spreading to, so killing them is dangerous

May 2, 2017
New York Times

Tocantins, a sixth Brazilian state, has reported that it has a human case of yellow fever

Tocantins, a sixth Brazilian state, has reported that it has a human case of yellow fever. It joins Para, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais as states with confirmed human cases of yellow

April 27, 2017

Cunene: Angola regista quatro milhões de casos de malária em 12 meses

The Angolan minister of health told reporters the country recorded 4m cases of malaria in the last twelve months which resulted in 15,000 deaths across the country’s 18 provinces. Malaria continues to be one of the highest causes of morbidity in the country, particularly amongst children under five and pregnant women

April 25, 2017
Agencia Angola Press, Observador, Impala

Febre Amarela: 2422 casos suspeitos e 623 confirmados

Brazil is experiencing the largest outbreak of yellow fever for decades with most of the focus on the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo which have the highest number of confirmed cases. Up to April 12th there were 2,422 suspected cases. Of these 623 were confirmed, 671 remained under investigation and 1,126 were dismissed. Of the total cases reported 326 died. The case fatality rate among confirmed cases is running at about 1-in-3

April 20, 2017
Conasems.org, Diario de Pernambuco
April 19, 2017
G1.Globo.com, Noticias R7.com

Região metropolitana do Rio registra primeira morte por febre amarela

The Rio De Janeiro health authorities confirmed that a patient from Marica, a municipality in the metropolitan region of the capital, has died due to Yellow Fever. With this diagnosis the number of confirmed cases of the disease in the state has risen to 11 with 3 deaths so far

April 20, 2017
CenarioMT.com, Odia.ig.com
April 22, 2017
April 20, 2017
G1.Globo.com, Noticias.Band.com

Facing significant yellow fever outbreak, Brazil appeals for more vaccine

The body that maintains and manages the vaccine stockpile, the International Coordinating Group on Vaccine Provision, have released 3.5m doses of yellow fever vaccine, according to PAHO. Now, though, with yellow fever creeping ever close to two of the country’s largest cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, there are fears the disease may start to spread faster and more vaccine may well be needed 

March 21, 2017
Stat News, UOL.com
March 14, 2017

Yellow fever spreads in Brazil

The number of cases of yellow fever surpassed 400 in Brazil, as the disease spread to the state of Rio de Janeiro, the third most populated and the most touristic area. To date, 137 people have died from the disease nationwide, while another 424 cases have been confirmed and 933 are undergoing further tests

March 17, 2017
March 16, 2017
The Economist
March 20, 2017
CIDRAP, G1.Globo.com, Tribuna Online, Reuters

Toerist in Suriname geïnfecteerd met gele koorts virus

A tourist in Suriname has gone down with yellow fever virus, local media reports

March 13, 2017
Star Niuews

The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has announced plans to vaccinate its entire population aga...

The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has announced plans to vaccinate its entire population against yellow fever. The country is grappling with an outbreak that has killed more than 113 people so far. U.S. health authorities are monitoring the situation

March 12, 2017
Deutsche Welle, Indian Express, France24.com
March 8, 2017
Los Angeles Times

WHO expands vaccination advice as yellow fever covers southeast Brazil state

WHO is toughening up its vaccination advice for Brazil, as yellow fever is now a risk across the entire Brazilian state of Espirito Santo. There are growing concerns the virus could spread to urban centres like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Vitoria, where millions live and the virus could start spreading in a human-to-human cycle via the Aedes aegypti mosquito. After seeing its twentieth death from yellow fever, Espirito Santo has been sent 500,000 doses of vaccination. The state of Minas Gerais reported that 105 people have died from yellow fever so far. Belo Horizonte confirmed that it has seen several monkeys who have contracted the disease and died

March 7, 2017
Reuters, Reuters, G1.Globo.com, Agencia Brasil, Infobae, DCI.com, G1.Globo.com, G1.Globo.com

Health systems

US will run out of yellow fever vaccine by 'mid 2017' warns report

The country’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention warned that it expected a complete depletion of yellow fever vaccine available for the immunization of U.S. travellers by mid-2017.’ According to the CDC report, the only U.S. approved vaccination had experienced manufacturing problems which has led to the shortage

April 30, 2017
UK News Yahoo
April 28, 2017
April 30, 2017
International Business Times
April 28, 2017
Voice of America

Govt apathy hits vaccine unit

India’s only Yellow Fever vaccine manufacturing unit at the Central Research Institute in Kasauli has been shut for the last five years, even as the government continues to import the critical vaccine. While production at the unit was halted on the grounds of poor manufacturing practice, over the years the government has done precious little to upgrade the unit. The CRI was one of three public sector vaccine manufacturing units that were shut in 2008

April 3, 2017
Deccan Herald

Communicable diseases

More U.S. counties are finding mosquitoes that can spread Zika

With the summer mosquito season in full swing in many states, a new report shows a significant increase in U.S. counties across the South that have reported mosquitoes capable of spreading Zika and related viruses. Two types of mosquitoes are the primary transmitters of Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya viruses. Based on updated data collected through 2016, research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 38 additional counties — primarily in Texas but as far north as Illinois — documented the presence of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, Zika`s main vector. That`s an increase of 21 percent compared with an earlier 2016 survey

June 20, 2017
Washington Post, Miami Herald, USA Today, Newsweek

Let yellow fever vaccination process be transparent

The Ugandan ministry of health said it has started issuing new standardised yellow fever vaccination cards as a measure to avert forgeries. The ministry is offering the first 50,000 certificates for free but after that there may be a cost for the certificates. The paper calls for this certification process to be transparent and credible and the government should educate the public on the process, it should be about eliminating haemorrhagic fever not enriching clinic owners and a few unscrupulous officials

May 29, 2017
Daily Monitor, AllAfrica.com